Sunday, January 28, 2007

UML Recap, Duke today

Well it wasn't 6-1 but it was a gutsy performance from BC last night against UMass-Lowell and you can't ever really argue too much with 2 points in a conference game. The team showed a lot of poise and determination fighting back from the 3-1 deficit and hanging in there to get Brian Boyle (who had a superb weekend) the game-winning goal with less than 45 seconds remaining in regulation. Could the corner finally be turned?? This isn't the first time this year I've asked this, but hopefully it will be the last time I'll have to.

The new lines continued to look great. I honestly have no clue why we ever went away from Rooney/Ferriero/Bertram in the first place. That combination looked great again tonight; it seems like something happens every time they are on the ice.

Only have 2 complaints. First, the fans--we're coming off an emotional win over our arch-rivals in their building and the best we can do is a 2/3-full (barely half-full at faceoff), deathly quiet building?? Horrible performance from BC Nation last night. Second, Brett Motherwell had a horrid game last night after playing well at Agganis on Friday. I'll chalk it up to fatigue but the fact is that he simply isn't having a great year. He's only a sophomore and seemed to have limitless potential last year, so I know he'll turn it around, but it'd really help if he could do so in the near future.

All in all, for a classic trap game, not a bad performance. If they'd simply coasted listlessly to a 4-3 win in a controlling but not dominating performance I might be more worried but this team showed a lot of heart and a lot of balls after going down 3-1 and if they can capture that for the rest of this year, they'll make some noise.


As you all know, BC heads down to Durham today to take on the Dookies in the Eagles' first trip to Cameron as an ACC team. I think it'll be a close game but I simply wonder whether we have the horses to pull off the upset. Throw in the fact that the referees will be doing us no favors (read: going out of their way to screw us every way possible) and we have our work cut out for us. We can pull off the upset but the trio of Jared Dudley, Tyrese Rice, and Sean Marshall will have to play absolutely lights-out in order for us to do so and even then we'll have to get a little bit of good luck. I think we'll get the former but not the latter, and unfortunately I see Duke winning a close one.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Split Decision

Just as many BC fans predicted, the Wednesday-Friday series with BU ended in a split, giving BC the regular season series 2 games to 1. Wednesday's game was an interesting but depressingly frustrating one, as BC dominated the play but fell 4-1 to the Terriers. In front of the loudest crowd I have ever personally seen at Conte Forum (due largely to the thundersticks given out in the student section, which made the atmosphere much louder but also had the unfortunate effect of preventing those in the student section opposite the band from hearing the fight song after BC's goal), BC outshot BU 33-22 but scored just once, on a shorthanded odd-man rush from Nate Gerbe. The Eagles had plenty of chances to tie the game (BU didn't begin to pull away until Chris Higgins made it 3-1 midway through the 3rd period) but couldn't capitalize, and the Terriers did a much better job with their chances, taking advantage of defensive breakdowns and sneaking a couple soft goals past Cory Schneider. John Curry, per usual, had an excellent game in the nets for BU.

Friday was a completely different story, an extremely even game despite the scoreline. The goalies' roles were reversed last night, with Curry putting in a fairly pedestrian performance and Schneider coming up with several highlight-reel saves to preserve BC leads. The good guys jumped out to an early 2-0 lead on goals from freshman Ben Smith (continuing his streak of scoring in every road game I've been to this year) on the power play and another Gerbe breakaway, and although BU made it a nailbiting game in the 2nd period a Dan Bertram laser late in the 3rd and an empty-net goal sealed the victory for the Eagles. Some thoughts on the game:

-Aside from the aforementioned Schneider, a guy who really stood out to me in this game was Carl Sneep, who had his best performance in a BC sweater to date. Not only did he contribute offensively but it seemed like every time he was on the ice he was breaking up BU's offense, disrupting passing lanes, using his size to his advantage, and basically just doing everything we've been expecting to see from him since hearing all his hype during recruiting. Brian Boyle (who scored BC's 3rd goal on a power-play deflection, something he should've been doing all year) and Brett Motherwell also had nice games, showing us why they were both considered Hobey Baker candidates before the year

-Nice job by Jerry York switching up the lines and putting Gerbe and Brock Bradford on the starting unit with Boyle. The second line of Benn Ferriero, Joe Rooney, and Bertram was the same combination that led to the Rooney's (and to a lesser extent Ferriero's) explosion in the postseason last year and I don't think it's a coincidence that when re-united these guys combined for 7 points last night. It also seems to me that Smith and Matt Price have been starting to click lately. I like these lines a lot and I think it'd be a mistake to break up the Ferrriero/Rooney/Bertram unit again

-Great catch by Maverick65 of EagleAction on this clip of Smith's goal. Notice #7 for BU, freshman Ben Strait, clearly deliberately pushing the goal off the moorings as the puck goes in. Strait was too late in this instance and the goal held up, but this is a trademark of Jack Parker's teams and they get away with it all the time (last month's game against St. Lawrence notwithstanding). Good to see video evidence of it

-Finally, a great showing from BC's fans. Is it just me or did we make more noise at Agganis last night than we did on Wednesday in Conte?? BU fans obviously had the strength in numbers to drown us out when they bothered to but I just skimmed through the DVR recording of the game and numerous "Let's go Eagles" chants as well as the goal celebrations are clearly audible on NESN. Great job to everyone else who was in Section 106 last night. By the way, is it too much to ask for BC to send some musical support to big road games?? Obviously a full band isn't going to happen but maybe a few trumpeters and a drummer?? I've always wanted to see a bagpiper in BC's band as well so when that happens send him to these games as well. You can also do this for road games in football and basketball (is it even allowed in hockey and hoops??)

Lowell comes to Conte tonight and I'm expecting big things from BC. Prediction: BC 6, UMass-Lowell 1.

Well that's it for me, I'm off to start drinking then it's off to Conte. Go Eagles!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Great win; BU prediction

Lots to write about in a short time here as my internet was out this morning and now I have to be showered and leave for work in 30 minutes. Still, I'll do the best I can.

First off, GREAT win for the hoops team last night. In case you're out of the TV coverage area and didn't catch it as ESPN's #1 highlight of the day, Sean Marshall drained a buzzer-beating 3 to break a tie and win the game 84-81 for BC. The team struggled through long stretches of the game, including Marshall picking up his 4th foul very early in the second half, but they persevered and showed lots of heart in winning the game.

Second, BU comes to Chestnut Hill tonight for the replay of the "fog game". BC-BU games are nearly always hard-fought and exciting, and I expect this to be no different. BC is struggling right now but a pair of games against the hated Terriers (BC heads to Agganis Arena on Friday night) followed by what should be a fairly easy win over an awful Lowell team at home on Saturday night could be exactly what this team needs to get rolling. Let's hope so, anyway. Prediction for tonight?? BC 2, BU 1 (OT)

Finally, some football news. First, the team added 2-star OT/DE Anthony Castonzo, out of Fork Union, VA, yesterday. Second, Auburn's assistant strength and conditioning coach Jason Loscalzo will replace YogaBoy as BC's main S&C man. Finally, BC's 2007 football schedule has been released. I have some thoughts on it but don't have time to get them up now, will do so in the near future.

Heading off for work then Roggie's to pregame tonight's showdown--GO EAGLES!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend Recap

Rough weekend for BC fans, as the hockey team lost a pair of decisions at Vermont while the hoops team suffered a bad defeat at Clemson.

The bottom line is that both teams are struggling right now. The basketball team's problems are relatively simple. The unfortunate fact is that, with Sean Williams gone, the team simply doesn't have the talent to challenge for an ACC title. Clemson is an improved team this year, but that doesn't excuse a 20-point loss. The only legitimate big men on the team right now are John Oates and Tyrelle Blair, and that simply isn't good enough to get it done. Dudley is his usual self, Sean Marshall has been playing great recently, and Shamari Spears has shown me a lot this year but the fact is that we are not a very talented team right now. The good news is that we do still have enough to get an NCAA tournament bid, but even that will require significantly better play than what we saw in Clemson yesterday.

I will say that the first thing that needs to change is that we need to start getting more guys into the rotation. If we continue going with 7 guys, they are going to be exhausted come March. Tyler Roche and Daye Kaba are going to have to be thrown into the fire, for better or worse.


Hockey's problems are much more perplexing, because it's not like the team doesn't have talent. Gutterson Fieldhouse is one of the toughest places in the country to play, but nonetheless this is a team that is sorely disappointing everyone right now. There's still time to turn it around, but it needs to be done now. Brian Boyle has been a huge disappointment so far in his senior year, and guys like Brett Motherwell and Dan Bertram are simply not putting forth the kind of performances that we need. I wish that I could sit here and put together a point-by-point list of problems that need to be addressed in order to turn the team around, but the problem is that I can't. I simply don't know what is wrong. This team is missing a spark, and the thing is that they've been able to find it from time to time, but not hold on to it. They had it in the sweep in Madison, they had it in the gritty 1-0 win at Agganis earlier this year, they had it in the OT win at Maine, and they even had it in last weekend's sweep of Merrimack. But the problem is that one night we'll come out and simply dominate a team, and the next night come up with a completely gutless and heartless performance like the ones in Burlington.

We have 2 huge games with BU coming up, first a makeup of the rescheduled fog game on Wednesday night in Conte followed by another trip to Agganis on Friday night (by the way, if you have a spare ticket for the game at BU please e-mail me at That's followed by a pair of absolute must-win games in Chestnut Hill against Lowell and UMass. If this team is capable of salvaging the season, I believe we'll know it by the end of that UMass game on Feb. 2nd.


The bad news for BC fans continued on Saturday with the announcement that donor-based seating will be instituted for prime football tickets. Personally, I'm not entirely opposed. The thing is that before instituting DBS we need to be certain that we can "get away" with it. If we end up with the midfield sections of Alumni Stadium half-empty, then it is a bad idea--even if the athletic department is bringing in more cash. Additionally, we need to be sure that there will still be areas in the stadium where DBS is not required. It shouldn't cost a family of 4 more to see a BC game than to see a Patriots game. But assuming that all those concerns are addressed, I don't have a problem in theory with the athletic department raising funds in this manner.

The weekend's news wasn't all bad, with the report coming today that 3-star Patterson, NJ QB Chris Johnson has de-committed from Buffalo and will attend BC. While Johnson is definitely a project (as the Buffalo commitment indicates), the kid does have physical tools. Rocket arm, 4.6 40, seems to do a good job checking down his progressions. I still do want to see us grab a stud, 4- or 5-star QB next year but I can sleep a lot easier at night knowing that the future of the BC QB position isn't in the hands of Ross Applegate, Billy Flutie, or praying that we can get a guy who is ready to come in and start as a redshirt freshman in 2009.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mixed News

A great day for the football team today, fresh off of Jags' electrifying introduction last night, as the team landed not one but TWO 2-star recruits today in Mansfield DE Corey Eason and New York OT John Elliott. Although Eason has long favored BC he recently picked up offers from Ohio State and Miami; Elliott, on the other hand, has had BC on his radar all along but until very recently was rumored to be headed to Rutgers. Needless to say, these are both great pickups, made even more so by the newest rumor that New Hampshire OG Mark Spinney, a Syracuse commit, has verballed to BC and will announce this at some point in the next day or two. While Jags won't have the time to fully undo the damage that TOB did to BC's program with his complete lack of effort in recruiting the 2007 class, he's certainly done a lot of good in his short time at the Heights.

Not so great for the basketball team, as Sean Williams and Akida McLain were both permanently dismissed from the team today for undisclosed violations. Rumor has it that the two were caught smoking up after last night's game and the matter was taken from there. This is a huge blow to the team, and it comes just as we were beginning to hit a run of good play. Tyrelle Blair looked solid last night and can hopefully replace McLain, but there is simply no replacing Williams. He was one of the best players to ever play for BC and his loss is a severe, potentially crippling blow to the team's ambitions. The thing now is that there's simply no room for error for the rest of the guys. Jared Dudley can NOT have any off-nights. Sean Marshall HAS to continue playing the way he has the last few weeks. John Oates HAS to step his game up and consistently show the kind of play that he has proven capable of but only in very fleeting stretches. Shamari Spears will likely find himself in the starting lineup as a result of the suspensions and has to start playing like a sophomore or junior, rather than the freshman that he is. Marquez Haynes and Blair, as our only reliable bench players, will need to carry a good number of minutes (I mention Haynes because the loss of McLain and Williams could force Marshall to spend at least some time in the frontcourt). An 8th player, someone like Daye Kaba or Tyler Roche, will have to start seeing 5-8 minutes a night simply to keep the first 7 from getting too run down over the stretch. The season isn't over yet, but it's hanging in the balance. An NCAA bid at this point would be an impressive accomplishment, and would be due in large part to Dudley's leadership and Marshall's resurgence.

Hoops wins, Jags introduced

Nice win tonight for the hoops team over Miami to go to 5-0 in ACC play. Main thing I liked was the spectacular play of Sean Marshall. Marshall is a guy that has consistently frustrated BC fans in the past, but tonight's game continued a recent run of great play for him. Has he finally figured it out?? Would've been nice if it happened before the midway point of his senior season, but if he can keep this up it'll have been worth the weight. Good guard play is one of the most important keys to a successful run in the NCAAs, and we'll need Marshall and Tyrese Rice (who nailed a 40-foot jumper at the end of the first half that should've been allowed) to be firing on all cylinders come March.

Perhaps the biggest news of the night, though, was the introduction of Jags to BC fans. Simply put, this guy is exactly what the program needed. He clearly loves the school and the program, and this kind of enthusiasm is infectious both with fans and with recruits. Chestnut Hill is going to be a very fun place come fall.

Some other tidbits, since I haven't posted in a while

-Keith Willis has officially transferred to NC State to follow his father; he will have to miss next season due to NCAA regulations and could also miss his senior year due to an ACC rule, but BC is expected to waive the latter

-QB Chris Johnson from NJ, a Buffalo commit, is visiting BC this weekend. Johnson is an excellent talent and a prototypical Steve Logan QB, but is very raw (observers say that he was the top high school QB in New Jersey by his sophomore year but has improved very little since then) and has academic issues that could make entry into BC difficult. That said, assuming the academic issues are cleared up, I would love to see Johnson come to the Heights. We'll still need to recruit a stud QB next year, but anything to avoid putting all of our eggs in that basket is welcome.

-Corey Eason is reportedly very close to committing to BC. Could happen in the next few days.

-OT John Elliot was reportedly on campus today. Jags' NFL experience as an OL guru has to help us with his recruiting. Pennsylvania OT Richard Muldrow is also rumored to be re-thinking his Rutgers commitment and considering BC.

-Finally, and perhaps most intriguingly, there are strong rumors floating that BC will host Florida State on Labor Day this year--but that the game will be played not at Alumni Stadium, but in Foxboro. While I'd love to get that date against FSU, I'm against putting it in Foxboro for a few reasons, most notably the inaccessibility of the location--with only a tiny minority of BC students owning cars, is the school willing to bus the entire student body to the game??

Saturday, January 13, 2007

OK, I lied again

Turns out I will update tonight.

Really wish I'd gotten to see tonight's game. 6-1 on the road, even over Merrimack, is fucking awesome. This is just what we need to get our act together, and a CAREER HIGH 5 points could be just what Brian Boyle needs to get his senior year kick-started. Hell, maybe pulling the "C" was what he needed. I'd hoped for 7 points from our first 4 games of 2007 and while that didn't happen, 6 is the next best thing. Hat trick for Benn Ferriero and Boyle, Joe Rooney, and Brock Bradford rounded out BC's scoring. Excellent job and let's keep it going--3 points from a pair of games in Burlington next weekend should be the goal.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Simms back in play

Matt Simms is "not going to Louisville", is reporting. No word on whether or not BC is in the mix but there's no reason to think that us and Rutgers are not the leading candidates for his signature. That said, Steve Logan prefers more mobile QBs, but if he sees something in Simms we have a good chance to get his signature.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Providence Today

Inexcusable loss by BC on Friday night. Simply no way you should blow a 2-0 lead to anyone, let alone Northeastern. This team needs a serious gut check. They need to step it up today against Providence, but the good news is I think they will. BC 5, Providence 1

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Northeastern/2007 Preview

BC begins the second half of the 2006-07 hockey campaign the same way they started back in October, against Northeastern. Although the Eagles must travel to Matthews Arena, site of a heartbreaking 3-3 tie in November on a Huskies goal with 2 seconds on the clock, we'll hope the 5-2 result from the season opener at Conte Forum will be repeated.

The second half of the season begins with the Eagles tied for second place in Hockey East with Vermont, with both schools' 13 points trailing conference leaders UNH with 21 (although the Wildcats have played 12 games to BC's 10 and Vermont's 9). If the season were to end today, BC would find itself at home for a Hockey East tournament quarterfinal series against Providence. Given some of the woefully inconsistent play that we've seen from this team so far, this team is fortunate to be in such a position.

That said, there is plenty of time for the Eagles to "turn it on". This is a team that lost at Providence, and got humiliated at Harvard and at home by Notre Dame (albeit what has turned out to be a very good Notre Dame team) and New Hampshire. It's also a team that has already notched a tough victory at BU, a classic OT win at Maine, and took a pair of impressive road victories over Wisconsin (I don't care if Wisconsin is down this year, sweeping the defending national champs in their house by 3 goals per game is always impressive; besides, the Badgers' weak start is likely merely a result of their brutal early schedule--their 10 losses to date include BC twice, Denver twice, at Minnesota twice, at Alaska-Anchorage, North Dakota, Michigan, and a 9th-ranked Clarkson team--look for Wisconsin to rebound in the second half of the year with a much more manageable schedule).

Most of all, this is a young team, as it was last season. Brian Boyle is still trying to find his way filling the captain's jersey, but his 2-goal performance in the 5-2 win over UMass to close out December shows that he may finally be figuring it out. We all know what he can do as a player, but can he step it up as a team leader?? Cory Schneider has been his usual exceptional self so far, and there's no reason this should stop. Joe Rooney, while not yet putting up the kind of season that Chris Collins put up last year and that every BC fan had pipe-dreamed that he might, is still having a very good campaign, leading the Eagles with 17 points. Guys like Benn Ferriero, Nate Gerbe, and Brock Bradford are making solid supporting contributions offensively, as expected. Perhaps the biggest disappointment so far has been the play of Brett Motherwell, touted by many as a dark-horse Hobey Baker candidate coming into the year, whose performance to date has been fairly pedestrian. Still, it was in the second half of the 2005-06 season that Motherwell really stepped up his game, and there's no reason to think he can't do the same this year, particularly as he continues to claim the mantle of defensive leadership alongside Mike Brennan. I look for Motherwell to have a significantly improved second half of the 2006-07 season and I also look for Carl Sneep to begin to live up to the hype that we'd all heard and start to show us why he was one of the most highly-touted recruits in this year's incoming freshman class.

BC also has the benefit of what should be a fairly reasonable schedule to kick off 2007. The Eagles travel to Northeastern then face Providence at home before a home-and-home series with Merrimack, whereas our rivals atop the Hockey East standings--UNH (two at Vermont, Dartmouth at Verizon Arena, home-and-home with UMass), Vermont (two vs. UNH, two at Northeastern), BU (at Providence, Northeastern, two at Maine), and Maine (two at Lowell, two vs. BU)--all seem to have more difficult early obstacles. BC will need to come out firing and take at least 6-7 points from these first 4 games, as a key stretch follows that will include two games at Vermont and a home-and-home against BU (including the "fog date" of the earlier canceled game), followed by a brief home respite against UMass and Lowell followed by the Beanpot opener against Harvard and an always-difficult trip to Providence before another likely meeting with BU in the final. A pair of home games against Maine, a home-and-home with Lowell and finally what should be a classic home-and-home against UNH round out the season.

Predictions?? It'll be tough to make up the 8 point deficit against UNH, even with 2 games in hand; and the Beanpot is, well, the Beanpot. But I do think this team will come alive and step it up come tournament time. I think this team has all the ingredients to pull together and win not only the Hockey East tournament but also the national championship--and I think it will do exactly that.

As for tomorrow night, Matthews is always a tough place for BC to play and tomorrow will be even tougher with Dan Bertram and Nate Gerbe still playing for their countries at the World Junior Championships (they should both be back in time for Sunday's game against Providence). BC is the better team but NU will get up for the game, and the Huskies always seem to get strange bounces in these games. I'll say BC 2, Northeastern 2.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Car Care Bowl Recap

Well, we got the win and extended the streak. It was a lot harder than it had to be, but at the end of the day we got the W. So with that said...

-Sid Vicious
For the first time, he missed an extra point. But he kept it together and hit a high-pressure kick to seal the victory. He's had a great season and should get a scholarship for his senior year, especially since the coaching change means that this year's recruiting class will likely be small and there will be a few extras floating around. Although Billy Bennett is an incredibly talented kicker, he'll be a true freshman and has yet to prove himself on the college stage (his leg is what it is but we don't know how his head will be); so there's no reason not to keep Sid around for extra points and field goals of about 30 yards or less next year.

-Coaching Change
This cannot have come soon enough. There was no greater, more liberating feeling in the world while watching a BC game than being able to count down the exact number of minutes that Dana Bible would remain as BC's offensive coordinator.

Josh Beekman, Ryan Glasper, Tony Gonzalez, James Marten, and Mark Palmer were the best of the class, but all contributed in their own way. Thanks guys, and best of luck whether in the NFL or in whatever you do in life.

The Midshipmen played a hell of a game and, let's be honest, should have won. I thought BC would come out there and demolish them but Navy wasn't having any of it. If it wasn't for Matt Ryan's poise and Sid Vicious' leg, they'd have taken home the upset. Also, is there ANYTHING better than an F/A-18 flyover??

-George Foreman
Not really for any specific reason. Just because George Foreman is awesome.

-Being at the Game
Why, you ask?? Because Pam Ward called the action on ESPN.

I'm not even going to get my blood worked up ranting about this, because it doesn't matter anymore. Those responsible are gone. You all saw the game and you all know what I'm talking about, but it's NC State's problem now.

-BC Fans
With the move to the ACC, the forcing out the door of TOB and company, and the hiring of Jags and now Steve Logan (reportedly at a salary that approaches NFL coordinator level), BC's athletic department has in my opinion proven that they are committed to building an elite-caliber athletic program. Now is time for the fans to step it up, and unfortunately in Charlotte we did not do so. I'm not criticizing the number of fans who were there, because while turnout was low there were a number of reasons for this (and to be honest I probably wouldn't have been there myself if I hadn't been visiting family in the area anyway), but I am criticizing the fact that too many BC fans still don't realize that it's OK to actually make noise at a football game. I spent the entire game trying to get the BC fans in my section (130) fired up, with very little success. The guys in my row were great but the rest of the section was dead as hell. We now have a real coaching staff, and it is time to respond by becoming real fans. This means showing up before kickoff, wearing maroon or gold, and making noise to support the team.

-The Actual Bowl Game Itself
It's a joke of a game with no reason to exist--get the ACC Championship game in Charlotte and replace this game with a fourth-rate bowl in a decent city like Atlanta or Tampa. I got into Charlotte the morning of the game and left the night of the game, yet I didn't feel like I missed out on any of the bowl experience at all. Hell, it was so lame that my friends all did the smart thing and showed up 2 hours before kickoff and my ass was stuck at some shithole bar across the street from the stadium sucking down $5 Buds, talking SEC football with some dude from Kentucky, and explaining to the hosts of a radio show who were broadcasting from the place just why BC fans are so glad to be rid of TOB.

I'm typing this while I watch the Sugar Bowl, and LSU is clearly so much better than Notre Dame that the two teams don't even belong on the same field yet the Tigers are doing everything they can to piss away what should be an easy victory. It's not working, as they're still up 7 and just executed a successful fake field goal for a first down, but they're certainly trying.


Nice win for the basketball team tonight, 72-56 over Yale, as the team continues to rebound from the Kansas and Duquesne disasters. Next up, BC heads to Raleigh on Saturday to continue ACC play against the Wolfpack. No word on whether the Hen will be in attendance.


Football season recap to come at some point in the near future, and I'll have a preview of the second half of the hockey season up tomorrow or at the latest Friday. Until then, CNNSI has a great article on BC recruit Joe Whitney, set to head to the Heights next season.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Logan official

Raleigh News & Observer
85o The Buzz (Logan's radio station)

This is simply a huge get for BC. HUGE. Logan is the anti-Dana Bible; combine this with arguably the most talented returning team in BC history, and next year is very exciting indeed.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Some more rumors

A few more coaching rumors I'm hearing:

Ollie Wilson for RBs coach
Jim Turner for OLs coach

Logan rumors heating up

The possibility of Steve Logan as BC's next offensive coordinator was rumored here a few weeks ago, and talk is once again heating up with some sources indicating that it is essentially a done deal. Hopefully this will turn out to be true, Logan would certainly be a great addition to Jags' staff.

I'll have recaps of the season and the Meineke Bowl up in the next day or 2, been sick all day today and haven't felt like blogging.

Hockey also starts back up on Friday at Northeastern, so I'll get a preview of that game as well as the second half of the season up by then.

(And I know I've been neglecting basketball over the last few weeks, things have been busy with the football coaching drama--while I do talk some about BC hoops here, this is mainly a football- and hockey-oriented blog, whereas hoops is covered more extensively at Eagle in Atlanta, BC Hoop-La, Angry Eagle, and Heights and Lows than it is here; T-Wood also was running an excellent BC basketball blog over at House That Skinner Built, unfortunately he hasn't updated in over a month but hopefully he will start blogging again in the near future. I don't intend to completely ignore basketball here but as I said I do focus mainly on football and hockey.)

Incidentally, I recently installed something called SiteMeter on this blog, it basically tracks who is coming to the site and among other things gives me a rundown of where people who follow a link to this site from another site are coming from. It was by using this tool that I discovered that one of my posts is among the top hits when one searches Google for "erect men". I also found out a few weeks ago that some dude in Malaysia somehow found my site while doing a search for gay porn. Some things I don't really want to know about.

Who links to me?