Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Car Care Bowl Recap

Well, we got the win and extended the streak. It was a lot harder than it had to be, but at the end of the day we got the W. So with that said...

-Sid Vicious
For the first time, he missed an extra point. But he kept it together and hit a high-pressure kick to seal the victory. He's had a great season and should get a scholarship for his senior year, especially since the coaching change means that this year's recruiting class will likely be small and there will be a few extras floating around. Although Billy Bennett is an incredibly talented kicker, he'll be a true freshman and has yet to prove himself on the college stage (his leg is what it is but we don't know how his head will be); so there's no reason not to keep Sid around for extra points and field goals of about 30 yards or less next year.

-Coaching Change
This cannot have come soon enough. There was no greater, more liberating feeling in the world while watching a BC game than being able to count down the exact number of minutes that Dana Bible would remain as BC's offensive coordinator.

Josh Beekman, Ryan Glasper, Tony Gonzalez, James Marten, and Mark Palmer were the best of the class, but all contributed in their own way. Thanks guys, and best of luck whether in the NFL or in whatever you do in life.

The Midshipmen played a hell of a game and, let's be honest, should have won. I thought BC would come out there and demolish them but Navy wasn't having any of it. If it wasn't for Matt Ryan's poise and Sid Vicious' leg, they'd have taken home the upset. Also, is there ANYTHING better than an F/A-18 flyover??

-George Foreman
Not really for any specific reason. Just because George Foreman is awesome.

-Being at the Game
Why, you ask?? Because Pam Ward called the action on ESPN.

I'm not even going to get my blood worked up ranting about this, because it doesn't matter anymore. Those responsible are gone. You all saw the game and you all know what I'm talking about, but it's NC State's problem now.

-BC Fans
With the move to the ACC, the forcing out the door of TOB and company, and the hiring of Jags and now Steve Logan (reportedly at a salary that approaches NFL coordinator level), BC's athletic department has in my opinion proven that they are committed to building an elite-caliber athletic program. Now is time for the fans to step it up, and unfortunately in Charlotte we did not do so. I'm not criticizing the number of fans who were there, because while turnout was low there were a number of reasons for this (and to be honest I probably wouldn't have been there myself if I hadn't been visiting family in the area anyway), but I am criticizing the fact that too many BC fans still don't realize that it's OK to actually make noise at a football game. I spent the entire game trying to get the BC fans in my section (130) fired up, with very little success. The guys in my row were great but the rest of the section was dead as hell. We now have a real coaching staff, and it is time to respond by becoming real fans. This means showing up before kickoff, wearing maroon or gold, and making noise to support the team.

-The Actual Bowl Game Itself
It's a joke of a game with no reason to exist--get the ACC Championship game in Charlotte and replace this game with a fourth-rate bowl in a decent city like Atlanta or Tampa. I got into Charlotte the morning of the game and left the night of the game, yet I didn't feel like I missed out on any of the bowl experience at all. Hell, it was so lame that my friends all did the smart thing and showed up 2 hours before kickoff and my ass was stuck at some shithole bar across the street from the stadium sucking down $5 Buds, talking SEC football with some dude from Kentucky, and explaining to the hosts of a radio show who were broadcasting from the place just why BC fans are so glad to be rid of TOB.

I'm typing this while I watch the Sugar Bowl, and LSU is clearly so much better than Notre Dame that the two teams don't even belong on the same field yet the Tigers are doing everything they can to piss away what should be an easy victory. It's not working, as they're still up 7 and just executed a successful fake field goal for a first down, but they're certainly trying.


Nice win for the basketball team tonight, 72-56 over Yale, as the team continues to rebound from the Kansas and Duquesne disasters. Next up, BC heads to Raleigh on Saturday to continue ACC play against the Wolfpack. No word on whether the Hen will be in attendance.


Football season recap to come at some point in the near future, and I'll have a preview of the second half of the hockey season up tomorrow or at the latest Friday. Until then, CNNSI has a great article on BC recruit Joe Whitney, set to head to the Heights next season.


At 8:44 AM, Blogger Alex L. said...

" ass was stuck at some shithole bar across the street from the stadium sucking down $5 Buds, talking SEC football with some dude from Kentucky"

HA! Thanks for the good laugh!


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