Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hoops wins, Jags introduced

Nice win tonight for the hoops team over Miami to go to 5-0 in ACC play. Main thing I liked was the spectacular play of Sean Marshall. Marshall is a guy that has consistently frustrated BC fans in the past, but tonight's game continued a recent run of great play for him. Has he finally figured it out?? Would've been nice if it happened before the midway point of his senior season, but if he can keep this up it'll have been worth the weight. Good guard play is one of the most important keys to a successful run in the NCAAs, and we'll need Marshall and Tyrese Rice (who nailed a 40-foot jumper at the end of the first half that should've been allowed) to be firing on all cylinders come March.

Perhaps the biggest news of the night, though, was the introduction of Jags to BC fans. Simply put, this guy is exactly what the program needed. He clearly loves the school and the program, and this kind of enthusiasm is infectious both with fans and with recruits. Chestnut Hill is going to be a very fun place come fall.

Some other tidbits, since I haven't posted in a while

-Keith Willis has officially transferred to NC State to follow his father; he will have to miss next season due to NCAA regulations and could also miss his senior year due to an ACC rule, but BC is expected to waive the latter

-QB Chris Johnson from NJ, a Buffalo commit, is visiting BC this weekend. Johnson is an excellent talent and a prototypical Steve Logan QB, but is very raw (observers say that he was the top high school QB in New Jersey by his sophomore year but has improved very little since then) and has academic issues that could make entry into BC difficult. That said, assuming the academic issues are cleared up, I would love to see Johnson come to the Heights. We'll still need to recruit a stud QB next year, but anything to avoid putting all of our eggs in that basket is welcome.

-Corey Eason is reportedly very close to committing to BC. Could happen in the next few days.

-OT John Elliot was reportedly on campus today. Jags' NFL experience as an OL guru has to help us with his recruiting. Pennsylvania OT Richard Muldrow is also rumored to be re-thinking his Rutgers commitment and considering BC.

-Finally, and perhaps most intriguingly, there are strong rumors floating that BC will host Florida State on Labor Day this year--but that the game will be played not at Alumni Stadium, but in Foxboro. While I'd love to get that date against FSU, I'm against putting it in Foxboro for a few reasons, most notably the inaccessibility of the location--with only a tiny minority of BC students owning cars, is the school willing to bus the entire student body to the game??


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