Monday, January 01, 2007

Logan rumors heating up

The possibility of Steve Logan as BC's next offensive coordinator was rumored here a few weeks ago, and talk is once again heating up with some sources indicating that it is essentially a done deal. Hopefully this will turn out to be true, Logan would certainly be a great addition to Jags' staff.

I'll have recaps of the season and the Meineke Bowl up in the next day or 2, been sick all day today and haven't felt like blogging.

Hockey also starts back up on Friday at Northeastern, so I'll get a preview of that game as well as the second half of the season up by then.

(And I know I've been neglecting basketball over the last few weeks, things have been busy with the football coaching drama--while I do talk some about BC hoops here, this is mainly a football- and hockey-oriented blog, whereas hoops is covered more extensively at Eagle in Atlanta, BC Hoop-La, Angry Eagle, and Heights and Lows than it is here; T-Wood also was running an excellent BC basketball blog over at House That Skinner Built, unfortunately he hasn't updated in over a month but hopefully he will start blogging again in the near future. I don't intend to completely ignore basketball here but as I said I do focus mainly on football and hockey.)

Incidentally, I recently installed something called SiteMeter on this blog, it basically tracks who is coming to the site and among other things gives me a rundown of where people who follow a link to this site from another site are coming from. It was by using this tool that I discovered that one of my posts is among the top hits when one searches Google for "erect men". I also found out a few weeks ago that some dude in Malaysia somehow found my site while doing a search for gay porn. Some things I don't really want to know about.


At 6:41 PM, Blogger Option Right said...

Regarding your last comments, now you know why I stopped having a blog :)


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