Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ryan for Heisman!!

While BC's marketing department has utterly failed so far in promoting our boy for the trophy, an intrepid BC fan has taken it upon himself to create the Ryan for Heisman blog. Well done, sir.

Good news so far on the recruiting front, as BC seems to be back in the mix for a number of top recruits, particularly at the skill positions. Coveted CB Donnie Fletcher of Cleveland will be visiting for this weekend's Army game; let's hope he comes away with a good impression.

Incidentally, you have to love the national media attention that Ryan has been getting lately. In less than a year of working together, Steve Logan has turned Matt Ryan from a guy that most "experts" had pegged as a 2nd-round pick into a top-10 pick and a legitimate Heisman contender. Don't think that QB recruits aren't noticing--if Logan can improve Ryan (who was already a superb QB) that much in just a year, what can he do with a raw high school kid in 4-5 years??

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At 4:39 PM, Blogger John said...

Couldn't be happier with attention Matty and the team as a whole is receiving nationally.

Any word on Mike Goodman/Brendan Beal? Jags has done a good job thus far with recruiting (love the Josh Haden signing), but a little worried about LB and OL depth with so much talent being lost to graduation at the end of the year.

At 9:17 AM, Blogger jupiter said...

Ryan for Heisman? Are you kidding me? Can you say "most overrated" player on the "most overrated" team? Ryan (like BC) padded his stats on mediocre competition and still couldn't put up numbers worthy of a Heisman Trophy. His TD/Int ratio (21/11) is atrocious, his completion percentage (59.5%) is just ok,he rushed for just 36 yards, and was exposed as a Heisman fraud when he completed less than 50% of his passes and threw as many ints as TD's against VT and more ints than TD's against unrated FS. Compare his stats to 2 QB's who've faced tougher competition, Dixon of Oregon (20 TD, 3 INT, 67.9 CMP%, 549 rush yards) and Tebow of Florida (21 TD, 4 INT, 67.7 CMP%, 598 rush yards.) He's a solid quarterback but not even remotely Heisman material.


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