Friday, November 24, 2006

Fire TOB Petition

Big ups to Weaton for setting up a Fire TOB petition

There's also a new "Fire TOB" Facebook group, this one is global meaning that you can join even if you are not on the BC network

Quote of the night:

Erin Andrews: "So Coach O'Brien, what adjustments are you going to make for the second half??"
TOBlunders: "Well we're up, aren't we??"



At 8:35 AM, Blogger IM Hipp said...

I come to this blog to see if there might be any good links to stories about BC. Otherwise you are a clown, a joke and a person who probably needs lithium to survive daily.

BC is not Miami. BC is slow. BC does not have gamebreakers. What don't you get about the talent levels?

Matt Ryan has blown 3 games this year with late interceptions. That is not the fault of TOB.

Represent this university with some class or just shut this blog down. You need some serious help.

At 11:59 AM, Blogger Alex F. said...

Even after a horrible loss that seems to have finally enlightened most of BC's fanbase, you still seem to have a few determined syncophants. Each of the 4 games we have lost with Matt Ryan as a starter was an overall team (or overall offensive, in the case of last night and NCSU) meltdown that we would not have won with any QB you want behind center.

This is a Miami team that lost to Virginia, and squeaked by DUKE. Their only wins prior to last night came over Florida A&M, Houston, UNC, and Duke. This is a terrible team that will probably lose to a fired-up San Jose State squad in Boise. And TOB lost to them anyway.

At 12:20 PM, Blogger drisclaw said...

I agree that Tom O'Brien must go!

I do not come to this decision easily. I have been a season ticket holder for fifteen years and I am a loyal B.C. fan. Because I did not attend B.C. I consider myself pretty objective.

Having played football in college at a NESCAC school, I am fond of high academic standards combined with competetive football programs. That is the NESCAC philosphy and is a great way to manage a Div III athletic program.

B.C. is not a NESCAC school, Holy Cross or Harvard. It is a big time football and overall athletic program at an excellent academic institution.

If O'Brien does not go, he must at the very least replace Dana Bible as offensive coordinator. There is no place in a big time program for a second rate O.C. Spaz is a good defensive coordinator. Bible is just not up to the task of matching wits with high level coaches and programs. He seems horrible at in game adjustments.

There is one thing that has totally driven me nuts about O'Brien this season. This kicker Aponivicius is a nice story, but he does not have a big time leg in terms of distance. I do not understand why,if your going to let Ohliger back on the team, you don't give him another shot on long field goals. Clearly he has a stronger leg than Sid because he has him kick off. A big time program should not be be going for fourth down plays as often as they did last night. You have to take a shot at some points, especially when it is a defensive battle. Ohliger should have been given a shot to hit a long one at least once in the game.

B.C. has been basically in a holding pattern in recent seasons. They are where they are and it is where they have been. Simply put they need to decide if they really want to go to the next level. O'Brien does just not seem to have what it takes to get them there. High standards, competetive teams going to second tier bowls is what you get with O'Brien. If that is what B.C. wants then he is their guy. Conference championships, BCS bowls and national Titles are just not in his make up.

B.C. fans and their administration have to face facts. There is unlikely to be another year that Florida State, Miami and VA Tech will all have sub par seasons simultaniously. This was the season to take the next step and it was a wasted opportunity.

On a different subject, I think B.C. needs to establish a rivalry game. I do not think it needs to be an ACC team. I think it should be a Big East team such as Syracuse or Rutgers. Come up with an I90 or I95 cup (I am sure there is a more creative name)and contract it long term as your end of season game. Play it the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving. Year in and year out it is your final game.

My gut says to make it Rutgers, but that may be more about this year rather than a long term rationale. Syracuse on the other hand is a private school with a big alumni base in Massachusetts. They are a natural to be on B.C.'s schedule every year. You need to hear commentators and writers refer to the "always big game , their heated rivals or their fight for bragging rights etc." I think that Syracuse makes more sense in the long run because you can create the rivalry more quickly because it was almost their rivalry prior to leaving the Big East.


At 3:41 PM, Blogger Alex L. said...

Drisclaw, Alex F:

I agree completely about the rivalry game. And I agree also that it should be Syracuse. We ARE bringing back SU as a yearly game as soon as the ND series ends. This is not a rumor, both GDF and the AD for SU, Daryl Gross, put out press releases earlier this year about that. And yes, I feel it should be the last regular season game for both teams. Year in and year out. We need to (re)establish the series and get it into the college football psyche.

I also agree that this is it for TOB. He cannot (will not?) bring it to the next level. His goal was to be a yearly top 25 team and be competitive for (though not necessarily win) a conference championship. We have been both of those things for about 3 or 4 years now. This is it, we've hit the ceiling.

In my opinion, we can't get rid of Bible without removing TOB, he's too loyal to his staff. So the alternative is to effectively fire the entire staff and basically start over. I'd hate to do that for Matt Ryan's senior year, but that's life.

I have NO idea who we should hire and I do fear a step in the wrong direction. However, I can certainly take one or two "rebuilding years" as long as the new coach we hire meets two criteria: 1) He's at BC for the long haul and doesn't see BC as a stepping stone, 2) He has the coaching/recruiting skills and guts to legitimately be in the hunt for a NC more often than not, and he has the staff to back him up.

At 9:43 AM, Blogger Joe Grav said...

I agree about Bible. He's pretty bad.

Don't look now, but next year you can kiss all talk of an 'easy schedulee' goodbye. If we go 9-3 again next year, that would be a major coup:
@Notre Dame
vs FSU
vs Wake
vs Miami
vs NC St
vs UMass
vs Army

I count 5 losses. So I guess that means we'll go 9-3.

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