Sunday, November 12, 2006


This is what BC's regular season record over the last 3 seasons (up to this one) should be. Instead we are 24-8 in the regular season over that span. SEVEN utterly inexcusable losses in less than 3 years (I won't begrudge TOB the Thursday night loss in Blacksburg last year; not many teams win that game). Incredible.

If BC doesn't win the ACC, I hope Wake Forest does. Not only because they are an admirable program, a great story, and a fun team to watch; but also because they have more obstacles to success than BC does. The school is half the size of BC, similar academics, less history and tradition than BC does, football is not even the top dog sport at the school, they're in a worse recruiting situation than we are (more talent in North Carolina than New England but we face a lot less competition for keeping our local talent at home, whereas they have most of the ACC and half the SEC right in their backyard), etc. An ACC Championship for Wake would go a long way towards exposing TOB for what he is.

28-7 win tonight over Duke
. Yeah, a win's a win I guess, but it's Duke. Not a lot you can really take there. I had to listen to the game on the radio, so I can't really break down the performance, but it sounded uninspired and according to those who were there or watched on TV that is exactly what it was.

Meanwhile, Wake Forest goes into Tallahassee and absolutely destroys FSU
. Kind of puts our 5-point win into perspective.


At 2:21 PM, Blogger Mo said...

Had we defeated Wake Forest, here's what we would be looking at:

- a chance to CLINCH a big to the ACCCG on Saturday at home on SENIOR NIGHT on NATIONAL TV.

- this would mean that we'd probably rush the field or there would be some big post-game raucous in Chestnut Hill

- the Miami would be meaningless as far as getting to jacksonville, so i wouldn't be barfing up my Thanksgiving dinner.

I'm still bitter that we lost at NC State and at Wake.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger Alex F. said...

2 games we had no excuse to lose. We win both of those, we're #3 in the country and in position to move up to #2 with a win over the Terps (jumping the OSU-Michigan loser). Win one of the two and we're around #7, with still an outside chance to get into the NC game with a few other teams losing.

Fire TOB.

At 6:02 PM, Blogger Mo said...

I'm not so sure that if BC (or let's through out there Wake Forest) were to run the table this season, that they would get much serious consideration for the National Championship game.

Rutgers is undefeated and Louisville was undefeated. Rutgers is and Louisiville was getting very little national championship attention while undefeated.

The national perception is that the ACC is having a down year.

The national perception is that the Big East is a weak football conference.

I do not believe that the Big East is better than the ACC, by any stretch. However, I think that this year, more than ever, the average fan believes that the Big East is "better than usual" and that the ACC is "worse than usual."

Here's my bottom line. If BC ran the table this season, I'm not sure sure we would be playing Ohio State or Michigan to the national championship. I know it's the ACC, and I know its a big-time BCS conference.

But I just don't think the BCS would have us ranked second in the nation, even if we were 13-0. Maybe I'm really out of it, but I'm not so sure that would be happening.

At 11:07 PM, Blogger Patrick Lane said...

Oh, but wait. We're "wah-wah's", remember?

Fuck TOB, fuck the culture of complacency, and fuck the idiot sycophants who convince themselves that everything with the BC name is inherently excellent.

True success and immortal victory come only through strength, endurance, and trial. As long as we expect fuck-up losses and Christmas bowls then we'll never grow as a program.

Shit, if we had BC's attitude in the Submarine Service I think I'd be dead right now... complacency kills, as we say in the business.


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