Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Great Weekend, Bad Night

Sorry about the lack of updates this week (and the short length of this one), been busy/depressed about the Philadelphia Eagles ever since I got back from Boston on Sunday.

AWESOME game on Saturday as the Eagles absolutely demolished Maryland on Senior Day. It's great to see a win like that and it's even better when it keeps our ACC title hopes alive. The good luck continued Saturday night as Virginia Tech took down Wake Forest (which BC should have done).

-JoLonn Dunbar
'Nuff said. 2 defensive TDs in a row--simply incredible.

-Matt Ryan
BC didn't need Matty Ice to win the game single-handedly this time, but he certainly gave the impression that he could have if he needed to. Nice job.

Great hit by Anam, great interception and runback by Tribble, nice play overall by Silva, Glasper, and the rest of the guys.

The players won this one, but Spaz put together his best gameplan of the year--keeping the defense on full throttle the entire time and taking the game to the Terps. If only we had done this in Raleigh.

-Ryan Glasper
I know I recognized the secondary earlier, but I also wanted to give special recognition to Glasper, this year's McGillis Award winner, who chose to continue the tradition started by Jazzmen Williams last year of the Award winner wearing McGillis' #31 on Senior Day.

-The Fans who were there
Those of us who were there were loud; despite the noon kickoff, this was one of the loudest BC crowds in recent memory. Think how loud it could've been if everyone had shown up on time and stayed until the end.

Eagle in Atlanta points out that BC's opponents have not been called for a single holding penalty since Virginia Tech. Simply incredible. While I didn't notice anything in the Maryland game as utterly blatant as the hold that allowed Wake Forest's second touchdown against BC, the officiating was very questionable nonetheless. While some have brought up the possibility of a regional bias against BC, I don't think this was as much of an issue on Saturday given that Maryland was our opponent (now, in the Wake game, you may be talking); I think it was simply shitty refereeing. Not Hockey East bad, maybe, but bad nonetheless.

-False Start penalties
Are we EVER going to get this corrected??

Senior Day, one of the biggest games of the year, BC rout over a budding rival, nice weather (a bit chilly maybe, but nothing too bad), and several thousand people show up late and leave early?? Simply inexcusable.

I can't believe we have to cheer for these jokers on Saturday. I noticed the drunks sitting a few rows behind me shouting "BC sucks" every 3 seconds were gone by the end of the 3rd quarter, though. Then they retreat to their message board and bitch and moan about the fact that BOSTON College's PA announcer has a BOSTON accent.

All that summed up, another great game. I'll put up a Miami preview tomorrow.


Tonight was not as good for Eagle Nation as the hockey team fell 6-3 to UNH at home (after a fairly impressive performance in a tough 3-3 draw at Northeastern on Friday night followed by a great 4-3 OT win at Maine on Sunday) and the basketball team fell to a disappointing 1-2 with a 73-64 loss at Providence. I didn't see or hear either game so I won't comment other than to say that it is an absolute outrage that Hockey East forced BC to play UNH tonight. HUGE conference games should not be played the night before Thanksgiving, when there will be virtually NO students in attendance (especially at a private school that draws a lot of students from out of the area). If BC has to play at home tonight, then send Merrimack or Providence into town. No excuse for setting this game up on this night.


Miami preview and power rankings to come tomorrow.


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