Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Seriously, if you're an idiot, shut the hell up

Yes, that was a horrible loss tonight by the basketball team. There's no way a team of our caliber should ever be losing to Vermont at home by double digits.

That said, one of the worst parts of any particularly bad BC hockey or basketball loss is the inevitable chorus of synchophantic assholes who manage to remove their head from TOB's ass long enough to sarcastically suggest firing Jerry York or Al Skinner. After all, they claim, we call for TOB's head after a WTF loss, why should York or Skinner be any different??

If there is one group of people I want to collectively throw through a plate glass window in a bar Charles Barkley style it is these morons who support TOB more than they do BC. If I actually have to spell this out for you then you are too stupid to be following sports and should stick to watching dominoes and Scrabble on ESPN2 (seriously, what the fuck is up with that??). Nonetheless, I will do so anyway. First, Skinner and especially York have done little things like SUCCEEDING and WINNING CONFERENCE (and, in York's case, NATIONAL) CHAMPIONSHIPS and WINNING BIG GAMES in the past. Thus, they have built up credibility and have EARNED, through RESULTS, a certain margin of error for games like tonight's loss or like the hockey team's losses so far this year. Second, A WTF LOSS IN EITHER HOCKEY OR BASKETBALL IS NOT EVEN REMOTELY AS DAMAGING TO A TEAM'S CHANCES AS A WTF LOSS IN FOOTBALL IS. Just one WTF loss in football can destroy a team's season; one WTF in basketball or hockey, especially in OOC play, means virtually nothing (even 2-3 in basketball or 3-4 in hockey can damage a team's postseason seeding, but that's about it).

Jerry York and Al Skinner are both excellent coaches who are tremendous credits to BC. York, like Joe Paterno, has earned the right to coach at BC for as long as he wants to; Skinner isn't quite at that level yet but he is doing a superb job nonetheless. TOB, meanwhile, gives us 2-3 WTF losses EVERY SINGLE YEAR. When we are losing 8-10 WTF games in hockey or basketball EVERY SINGLE YEAR then maybe you can compare Jerry or Al to TOB. Until then, SHUT THE HELL UP YOU IDIOT.


At 12:08 PM, Blogger Patrick Lane said...

Amen, brother. No one is above the program, not even St. Thomas.

At 2:55 PM, Blogger Mo said...

BC football has accepted a bowl bid to the Nashville's Music City Bowl. You heard it on this blog first.


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