Thursday, December 07, 2006


I woke up this morning and everything was just better. Food tastes better, the air is cleaner, birds are chirping, supermodels clad only in hooker boots (one maroon, one gold) and cowboy hats with an angry chicken logo on the front are sponge-bathing me and hand feeding me.

As always, ATL Eagle was on the scene within a few hours of the announcement drawing up a list of potential replacements. Not much I can add there, other than that in addition to the guys he named I would also keep an eye on South Florida HC Jim Leavitt and Baltimore Ravens DC Rex Ryan.

As for my shortlist right now?? I honestly don't know. I'll give a shot at a top 5--but keep in mind this is open to change with little or no warning:

1. Mark Whipple
2. David Cutcliffe
3. Paul Johnson
4. Jim Fassel
5. Randy Shannon

Jim Grobe would be #1 at this list and Norm Chow would be close to the top, but I don't think either guy is a realistic proposition.

In all honesty, I'd be absolutely elated with any of those 5 guys, as well as others who just missed my shortlist including Steve Kraglethorpe, Rex Ryan, Bud Foster, Jimbo Fisher, and probably another half-dozen guys I'm forgetting.

The only outside guy that I absolutely do NOT want is Bob Davie. This would be an absolute disaster of a hire, but luckily I don't see it happening--GDF is not going to go out and hire a guy that TOB repeatedly beat like a drum. Another guy whose name has been tossed around that does nothing for me is Harvard HC Tim Murphy, but I don't see that one happening either.

This is a very exciting time to be a BC fan.


At 1:59 PM, Blogger Alex L. said...

Any pictures of those supermodels?

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Patrick Lane said...

the hunt for a head coach should illustrate how meaningless and trite this bowl game is. I don't know about everyone else but this game feels more like a mandatory afterthought than an exciting postseason contest.

At 2:25 AM, Blogger Mo said...

Let's turn down the bowl game. Even the players don't seem like they care. BJ Raji said we're going to try to win in spite of not having a coach.

These kids feel backstabbed, and yeah that's life, but it sucks because these players are MONEY even if their head coach is a douche.

Toal's dad mentioned that some guys were talking about transferring, and if they do that then they are disloyal punks.


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Angry Eagle said...

Are you fucking kidding me with Jim Fassel? That guy is such a fuckin pussy. I want to kick him in the teeth right now and I haven't seen his dorky mug in 3 years. This interview process should begin and end with one Mark Whipple. That's it, DeFillipo, case closed. And if you don't get the deal done, I'm comin after you pardner.


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