Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Emperor is Butt Nekkid

Meet Wake Forest University--your 2006 ACC Champions.

A perennial doormat, a school with every excuse that TOB and his band of ass-kissers use to justify the Hen's continued employment despite his complete and utter FAILURE to improve the program at all during the last 5 years, has won the ACC and will play in the Orange Bowl on January 4.

Wake Forest's fans will be spending New Year's on South Beach.

Wake Forest's fans will get the chance of a lifetime to see their team play in a BCS game.

Wake Forest's fans have a great chance to see their team WIN a BCS game, given that the opponent will likely be either Louisville or Rutgers.

Every day that passes with TOB's continued employment at BC is an assault on BC's loyal and hardcore fans. The man has absolutely no loyalty to the school and publically bashes his own team's fans in an attempt to justify his own FAILURES. He has taken our program NOWHERE in the last 5 years and will take us NOWHERE in the next 5, 10, 15, however long his miserable tenure continues at BC.

TOB must be fired. NOW. Get rid of him and Bible, let Spaziani coach the bowl game, then open up the pocketbooks and bring in a REAL coach. Jim Grobe himself would be great, but if not him, then someone who can do for us what Grobe has done for Wake Forest.

TWBallgame9 on the EagleInsider board had a great quote yesterday:

Support for BC is not conditional. Support for the head coach is conditional on his performance. Unconditional support for the head coach is conditional support for the school.

I could not have said it better myself.

This situation is unacceptable. TOB must go. NOW.


At 11:02 PM, Blogger Alex L. said...

Wow. Congrats, Deacons. Good luck and win the Orange Bowl! Not only has Grobe won the ACC with all the "disadvantages", small school, no fan base, no football tradition, etc. He also had something like half of his starters sustain injuries. The guy is a miracle worker. As much as I hate to keep losing to Wake, I look forward to many more games against them in the future, provided we win most of those games of course.

Wake's season absolutely proves that TOB is full of it. Every excuse that he has used has been shown to be wrong. All we fans have to say is: "You're wrong, TOB, see Wake Forest 2006."

Fire this guy now.

At 10:40 AM, Blogger Patrick Lane said...

Congratulations to Wake Forest. I will accept Spaz as interim head coach for the bowl game while we wait for the axe to fall on Tom Coughlin in New York. Wake's win just exposes TOB for the sluggish underachiever that he always has been.


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