Saturday, December 02, 2006

ACC Championship Game

Well I'm here in Jacksonville, and it's fucking crazy here. The town is full of BC fans, pumped that Tom O'Brien finally got us over the hump and we're ready to stomp the shit out of the Yellowjackets and head to the Rose Bowl....

Well, no, I'm not. Once again, with the path to the ACC Championship Game paved clear for us, TOB shits the bed with inexcusable losses to horrible NC State and Miami teams; even the Wake Forest loss, despite the fact that the Deacons are a legitimately very good team this year, might not have happened had the coaching staff shown any sort of creativity and innovation whatsoever.

With that said, we as BC fans should all be pulling hard for the Deacs today. Any excuse you can make for TOB's performance, Wake Forest has it at least as bad. Let's look at some of the excuses typically used by the syncophants for TOB's failure to take BC to the next level:

Small school?? BC's undergraduate enrollment is about twice Wake's.

Private, religious school?? Wake is a Baptist university, hence their nickname.

Stringent academics?? BC was 34th nationally in the latest US News and World Report rankings; Wake was 30th (and Notre Dame was 20th and Michigan 24th and USC 27th, but I digress).

Small fanbase?? Wake's is smaller. Not only do they have a far smaller enrollment and alumni base as detailed above, but BC as the only legitimate D1A program in New England draws on a decent number of subway alums to help make up its fanbase; Wake, on the other hand, has virtually none, having to compete with two huge state schools an hour up the road for the interest of the non-affiliated fan.

No local talent to draw from?? Sure, there's a lot more talent in North Carolina than there is in New England, but BC's only local competition is UConn; Wake, on the other hand, has to compete 2 traditional ACC powers plus a strong mid-major program (East Carolina) in-state, not to mention 4 ACC and 4 SEC schools in neighboring states (and West Virginia, Louisville, and the Alabama and northern Florida schools a reasonable drive from North Carolina). BC is in the position of being able to pick and choose just about any New England recruit it wants, whereas Wake has to fight with the likes of Clemson, Tennessee, and Georgia for its top in-state talent. Overall, despite the talent gap, I'd take BC's situation with local talent over Wake's.

No history and tradition of success?? BC is regarded nationally as a solid, if not elite program; while BC fans know the bowl streak is a smoke-and-mirrors act, it still impresses the uninitiated. BC is also responsible for one of the two most legendary plays in the history of college football. Wake, on the other hand, has been second only to Duke as the ACC's doormat until very recently.

Insistence on running a clean program?? I don't profess to know what goes on behind the scenes at Wake, but I'd be shocked if Jim Grobe is running a "dirty" program.

As you can see, with every game that Jim Grobe wins at Wake Forest, the TOB Excuse of the Day begins to ring more and more hollow.

GO DEACS, and with that said I give you a preview of BC's upcoming bowl game:

At this point I'd just like to remind everyone of the Fire TOB Facebook group and Fire TOB online petition, as well as the FHMAM Online Store where you can pick up all of your officially licensed "Fire TOB" apparel. GO EAGLES!!


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