Monday, December 04, 2006

I give up

Our fearless leader, quoted in today's Heights:

It's always a tough game for me, but it'll still be fun, because I'll know a lot of people in Charlotte and a lot of guys that I went to school with, so it'll be a nice time to go. The bowl game is okay, but I wouldn't be real excited to play them in a regular season series, but as a reward for the football team to now play in a bowl game, a one-time thing is ok.


I know it was pretty well-locked down to Orlando, Nashville, or Charlotte. I think the situation is better for the team in Charlotte because they get to spend Christmas at home, not in a hotel. If we had played the 29th then we would have traveled the 25th.


This team did everything it had to on the field. We had a great season; a nine-win season. We played eight bowl teams, and were 6-2 against bowl teams; we beat two conference champions and beat two ten-win football teams, so our team had a great season. One thing that we want to accomplish for these seniors is to win the 10th game, it didn't matter, we'd go anywhere to win this 10th game, and so if it's Charlotte, than it's Charlotte.

And this guy still has a job.

Simply unbelievable.


At 11:43 AM, Blogger Patrick Lane said...

Sounds like he is afraid of playing Navy. We need to check this clown out of here and get someone with balls. Man I am sick of rooting for a team coached by this loser. If Gene D doesn't clean house by the time I graduate then I'm not attending another BC game until TOB is gone. I'm sick of the culture of complacency, diminishing returns, and lame excuses. Get on the horn with boosters and tell them to get in the ear of the people that matter!

At 10:21 PM, Blogger Angry Eagle said...

God would I love to kick TOB's teeth down to Charlotte with his dopey mug attached. Is there any way we can get this fuckin loser outta town? He sucks so bad it's pathetic. Love how he said in the Globe today "this team did everything it had to do on the field" but still ended up in another Bed Bath & Beyond Bowl. Does that include losing to a suckhole team like NC State? Does everyone realize how bad that team was? And it would be one thing if the Pack took it to BC, but they were ready to roll over and die in that game. And Miami? They couldn’t wait to end the season, but TOB let them hang around long enough for them to say, "hey what the fuck, let's beat BC again for the millionth time in a row." Isn’t that BC series with Miami starting to look like BC-UConn in hoops with that other O'Brien moron? Enough! This guy TOB sucks shit, and the sad thing is that we're looking at the salad days of the TOB era - 2-3 WTF games every season and year after year of shithole bowls in shithole cities against shithole teams. Why even bother fielding a squad? Are we really any better off than Temple? They're just as boring. Get this guy outta here. What an asshole.


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