Wednesday, December 06, 2006

If TOB leaves...

I want an aggressive ass-kicker to replace him.

I want a guy that believes the sky is the limit for BC and is not afraid to take on these southern schools and go General Sherman on them. Beat them up, beat them down, kick them in the junk, throw them to the curb and bring in the next victim.

If you read interviews with guys who played in the NFL in the 80s and early 90s they all say that the team they hated to play more than any other was Buddy Ryan's Eagles. Reason being that we had the toughest, hardest-hitting defense in the league and every offensive player in the NFL knew that every time they went up against the Birds, they would get the shit kicked out of them. They might win the game, but they would have to fucking pay for it with blood.

That is what I want for BC. I want these soft southerners to DREAD coming to the Heights. I want a defense that terrifies and brutalizes the opposition. I want a 46 defense with Silva next year and then Mulrooney as the down safety. I want BC to play with an ATTITUDE. Sometimes you'll play a better team and they'll win. That is understandable. But I NEVER want to see BC just give away a game as happens 2-3 times every year under TOB. We won't win every game, but if we lose we must make the other team EARN it. Leave them/send them home battered, bruised, and bloody. There will always be teams in the country with better athletes than we have. But I never again want to see a BC team out-hearted.

When was the last time a BC team played its heart out and lost anyway?? Maybe FSU aside from the 2 Pick 6s, but that's about it. If we play with balls and with heart and lose anyway to a superior team, I will still be proud.

But I want every opposing team to know that if they play us, they can count on getting their asses kicked physically and they can count on BC coming balls out on every snap.

It's up to our new coach to instill that attitude. And it's up to GDF to bring in a man who can instill it.


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