Thursday, November 09, 2006


Watching the Rutgers-Louisville game sickened me. Not just because I bet more on Louisville than I have ever bet on any sporting event before, but also because of the realization that Tom O'Brien, through his incompetence, has allowed Rutgers, perennial doormat, to pass BC.

Rutgers is 9-0. TOB has never won 9 games in a single regular season before. Greg Schiano has accomplished more in just a few years at Rutgers than TOB has in 10 at The Heights.

Let's kick TOB out on his ass. And let's add Schiano to the short list of names (along with Jim Grobe and David Cutcliffe) to replace him. Schiano has balls, he has the true desire to win a national championship, and he has strong recruiting ties in New Jersey and in Florida. Yeah, he'll probably be on the sidelines for Miami next year; but the 'Canes don't take a shot at him, let's bring him to Chestnut Hill. Hell, even if the 'Canes do take a shot at him, let's outbid them. We are BC, our motto is "Ever to Excel", and I'm sick of this 8-win, crappy bowl mediocrity bullshit. Greg Schiano has turned Rutgers from a 1-11 team into a likely 11-1 squad in half the time that TOB has been at BC. BC could do a hell of a lot worse than bringing him in.

Rutgers has traditionally been one of the worst football programs in the COUNTRY. Yet TOB has allowed a normally-horrific program that BC frequently battles in recruiting to pass us. Can we not do any better than this??


At 2:46 PM, Blogger Patrick Lane said...

I would give up my scholarship for an undefeated season.

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Patrick Lane said...

AND I would sport a Barry Melrose mullet on campus.


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