Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fuck this

I am too angry to even speak right now. Why do I continue to invest myself emotionally not to mention hundreds upon hundreds of dollars every year into this fucking team. We are going nowhere as long as TOB is the coach. Get this guy on the next plane out of town and get Jim Grobe into the Yawkey Center. Fuck this bullshit.


At 5:00 PM, Blogger Patrick Lane said...

I'm pissed off too about these tough losses, but I'd say the best way to show your disapproval is through your travel dollars. Maybe you shouldn't travel to an away game until TOB is gone (that would be a great campaign!).

At 6:04 PM, Blogger Alex F. said...

In fairness, although away trips are expensive only the $30-40 for the ticket is going to BC--the rest is for airfare (or gas/tolls), eating out every meal for the weekend, alcohol, etc. Keep in mind too that I live in Philadelphia, so I have to pay all that for home games as well (aside from legal fees, my trip to Raleigh was less expensive than a trip to Boston). What I SHOULD do is not renew my season ticket, and just buy tickets off Stubhub whenever I'm going to a game. Which I probably will do until things change.

At 8:34 AM, Blogger Patrick Lane said...

at least hockey beat uvm on saturday. Man what a wash this weekend was for me(BC/Pats losses are crippling on the same weekend). How can the fan base show GDF and the administration that we are fed up with the third tier bowl games? I really don't want to not buy season tickets next year but it seems like there is little else a guy like me can do. It really sucks to see this culture of complacency since I grew up watching BC and always wanted to go here, mostly just to sit in the student section for football! I know most of the kids here don't care much for our football tradition, but I still remember watching the 93 ND game as a kid and believing that this was what BC football was all about. Now we choke away games and have no killer instinct. This really makes me sick. I think we need a new AD or something.

At 8:37 AM, Blogger Alex F. said...

To be fair, it's easier for me to talk about not buying tickets next year since I'm not going to be able to make most of the games anyway. I know for a fact that whenever I can make it I'll be back like a pathetic meth addict looking for a fix.

I'll also say this--even if we do make it to Jacksonville, Saturday's debacle has cost the team at least one fan in attendance, the only way I would've been able to go would've been if I could make plans immediately after the Maryland game. Guess I'm saving my money for the bowl game now.


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