Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday Thoughts

First things first--great job by the hockey team, notching up another 3-goal win in Madison last night (4-1 this time). Whatever mojo they lost against Notre Dame, is more than back; and this sophomore class is truly something. Gerbe, Motherwell, Ferriero, Bradford, Orpik, Filangieri, Kunes, Aiello...a few games into last season I remarked to a then-freshman sitting next to me in Conte that he would definitely see those guys bring a national championship back to the Heights. I'm thinking now that it may be more like 2...or even 3??

No rest for the weary (and victorious), though, as the Eagles take the ice again on the road on Tuesday night, Halloween, in Providence against a Friars team that has looked absolutely dreadful so far this season (they lost to Merrimack...MERRIMACK).

Good luck to Wisconsin the rest of the way--2 wins or no, I wouldn't want to run into these guys again in St. Louis.

Some press on the sweep:
Globe - Friday, Saturday
USCHO - Friday, Saturday

Also a funny, in the unintentional sense, article in today's Globe on the demise of "The Cheer" at Eurabia Tech-Kenmore. Great reading.


Although there were only about 14 people at yesterday's BC-Buffalo game, it appears that each of them wrote an article for one of BC's major dailies; as both the Herald and Globe had excellent coverage of the rout.

BC frequently gets more love in the BCS standings than in the human polls, as the computer rankings that make of part of the BCS formula tend to take strength of schedule into account more than the human voters do. This holds true again this week, if only marginaly, as the Eagles come up 15th in the BCS standings and 16th in both human polls. However, with USC's loss, the debacle in Raleigh becomes all the more painful.

The terrible truth is now that, if that game had gone BC's way, BC would be sitting at 8-0. And upon further inspection, we would not just have a shot at the national title game; we would have the inside track to it.

An 8-0 BC team would likely be sitting at around 5th or 6th in the human polls, but with the help of the computer rankings, there is a good chance the Eagles would be ranked 3rd in the BCS standings--behind only Ohio State and Michigan, one of whom will be knocked out of contention on the 18th of November. Win the remaining regular season games, win the ACC Championship Game in Jacksonville--and BC would, in all likelihood, be playing the OSU-Michigan winner for the national championship.

That's how close we are, folks. And that's why EVERY GAME MATTERS.


At 2:07 AM, Blogger Mo said...

It absolutely sickens me to see a team like Rutgers (or Boise State) being ranked in the top 20. It makes me want to vomit, and not because I dislike Rutgers (I'm totally indifferent to BSU)...its because the voters completely fail to see that these squads have played nobody of meaning.

Boise State defeated Oregon State, who defeated USC. SO WHAT? BC defeated Clemson, who defeated Georgia Tech, who defeated Miami. So does that mean that BC would naturally beat Ga Tech and Miami? Of course not. Any sports fan knows that.

When are the voters going to see through these paper thin schedules from teams like Rutgers and Boise State? I hope these teams end up in the fourth-tier bowl games, where they belong. You should not get rewarded for beating teams like Howard or Idaho...week after week after week. You get rewarded for beating teams like Clemson, BYU, Virginia Tech and Florida State week after week.

At 2:19 PM, Blogger Patrick Lane said...

I've been wondering if maybe the NC State loss kickstarted our winning ways. I really think the pressure of an undefeated season would manifest itself in a bad loss before the season was out. Of course, we can't really know for sure.

Will work for Orange Bowl transportation.


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