Monday, October 16, 2006

Random Monday Tidbits, Power Rankings

-Matt Ryan is listed as questionable for Saturday according to both the Globe and Herald. He did not practice today or yesterday, but once again I expect him to go in Tallahassee. This will be the Ryan's biggest game as BC's starting QB (as opposed to a injury fill-in against Syracuse in 2004) and I do not see him missing it unless his leg is actually amputated. #12 WILL be behind center on Saturday.

-BC's hockey team remains at #1 in this week's poll. Defending champion Wisconsin comes in at #2 with North Dakota, Maine, and Michigan rounding out the top 5. Kenmore Tech finds itself at #6 after a draw with RPI. The BC-Wisconsin series 2 weeks from now could very well feature a couple of #1 vs #2 matchups.

-Derrick Morgan is set to take his final official visit at BC for the Buffalo game, according to Rivals (subscription required). Morgan, a 4-star Pennsylvania native, is among the top recruits BC still has targetted for 2007 and is considered the top recruit in this year's class from his home state. While Morgan would be a great get, it is absolutely imperative that BC land fellow defensive end Corey Eason. 4-star talents do not come along all that often in New England, and it is important for BC's credibility as a program that when they do--particularly at a position of need--we land them. Of course, none of this addresses the complete lack of QB recruits, but that's a discussion for another time.

-According to a poster on the Rivals premium board who bumped into GDF in the Yawkey parking lot today, the AD is making no attempt to bulk up the OOC schedule after the conclusion of the Notre Dame series. Syracuse will be the highest-profile, "marquee" game; also targetted for a series is Northwestern. The entire credibility of the OOC slate is dependent on the hope that the Orange "will be back" (direct GDF quote). Simply put, this is unconscionable. Even if you assume that BC will lose an OOC game against a nationally-renowned program (which is not neccesarily the case), it only matters if that loss is the difference between 5/6 or between 11/12 regular season wins. In other words, if it's the difference between playing or not playing for a national championship (which the GDF/TOB regime does not aspire to anyway) or if it's the difference between staying home and heading to Boise. Meanwhile, by not scheduling games against the likes of Texas, Auburn, and USC, you miss out on the tremendous boost that these games provide for your recruiting, national exposure, revenue, local attention, fanbase, etc. And if you manage to pull the upset...well, then I don't have to tell you that that's a very good thing. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?? I simply don't understand the culture of defeatism that surrounds the football offices at the Yawkey Center.

-Basketball landed another nice pickup in Texas PG Biko Paris, a former USC recruit who switched his commitment to the Eagles

-I leave for Florida on Thursday morning, and will probably put up a BC-FSU preview tomorrow. I will be at the Flyers-Lightning game in Tampa on Thursday night and, if I can get a ticket, the Eagles-Buccaneers game on Sunday; as well as, of course, the big game against the 'Noles.

ACC Power Rankings
1. Georgia Tech
2. Clemson
3. FSU
4. BC
5. Wake Forest
6. NC State
7. Virginia Tech
8. Maryland
9. Miami
10. Virginia
11. Duke
12. North Carolina

Hockey East Power Rankings
1. BC
2. Maine
3. BU
4. Vermont
5. UNH
6. Providence
7. UMass
8. Northeastern
9. UMass-Lowell
10. Merrimack


At 2:29 PM, Blogger NoleCC said...

How on earth is FSU 3rd in the ACC power rankings? Is the ACC just THAT bad this year?

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Alex F. said...

Honestly I think there's very little space between #3 and #9.


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