Thursday, October 26, 2006

Weekend Recap

Great trip to Tallahassee, would have posted earlier but it legitimately took this long to recover from that shitshow of a weekend.

-Matt Ryan
I'm almost at the point where I'm going to stop listing him in the "Thumbs Up" column because it's just a given. He is without a doubt the best QB in the ACC and in my book top 5 nationally. The 3rd and 9 pass to Tony Gonzalez on BC's 3 may have been the play that sealed the victory. Aside from Troy Smith, is there any QB in the country who is unquestionably better than Ryan right now?? I don't think so.

-The Entire Defense
See what happens when we play with an aggressive defense?? JoLonn Dunbar was the standout on the day (I was shocked to read the next morning that he'd only had 7 tackles, because it seemed like his name was called after every FSU play) but Austin Giles, DeJuan Tribble, Brian Toal, Nick Larkin, Kevin Akins, and B.J. Raji also turned in spectacular performances. What was a very shaky unit earlier in the season has become simply phenomenal since the return of Ryan Glasper--how often do teams give up 22 points over 3 games including wins over Virginia Tech and Florida State (OK, the 3rd opponent in that stretch was Maine, but a great run nonetheless)?? Great effort from true freshmen Wes Davis, Mark Herzlich, and Alex Albright, and former walk-on Suilaman Sanni. And special mention has to go here to Spaz, who let the defense play their game and take down the 'Noles.

-Kicking Game
Sid Vicious was perfect again, Diamond Stud was drilling his kickoffs, and Johnny Ayers dropped seemingly every punt inside the 20. What more can you ask for??

-BC Fans
About 4,500 of us were there in Tallahassee to see the Eagles win. Even the whalepants-clad dude behind me, who spent most of the game yelling at me to sit down, was standing and cheering by the end of the game. Great turnout.

The people were friendly, the women were fucking SMOKING hot...this is a MUST-visit place for all BC fans in '08. Loudest stadium I've been in by far. Best of all, they all have FSU license plates or stickers on their cars, so I had a great time on the ride back to Tampa doing a mocking "Chop" followed by pointing at my BC hat at every FSU car we passed.

-Tallahassee Inn
YOUR FUCKING TOILET DOESN'T EVEN GODDAMN FLUSH YOU ASSHOLES!! Despite asking management to remedy this about 4 times over the less than 48 hours we were there, it never got fixed. There was also no real phone when we arrived--they actually had one of those fake, non-working model phones instead of an actual working model--although that at least got remedied pretty quickly. There's a reason I was able to get a room at a place 4 miles from campus for $75/night on one of the biggest FSU game weekends of the year. Of course, the price was right, and I'd definitely go back.

-Asshole in AJ's
Went to AJ's, a huge sports bar in Tally, after the game, and some douchebag decided to get revenge for his team's loss by jumping me. He got pulled away before I even had a chance to respond, but the asshole still managed to rip up the collar on my BC t-shirt. Yeah, make the trip up to Boston next year and pull that shit in Mary Ann's after we kick your ass again, fucking fag.

-Philadelphia Sports
Don't even get me fucking started. I was at the Flyers-Lightning game in Tampa on Thursday night, didn't make the Eagles game, needless to say both were humiliating losses. At least the centerpiece of the weekend worked out well.

Not much more to say here, other than that was a fucking AWESOME trip, and any BC fan who has a chance to make it and doesn't is a goddamn fool.


Mixed weekend for the hockey team, dropping 7-1 to Notre Dame before rebounding and beating Bowling Green 5-1. I didn't see or hear either game so I can't comment that much other than not to get too worried about the loss to the Lafayettes. BC loses to ND in hockey seemingly every year, yet early-season OOC matchups mean next to nothing in hockey, particularly for the powerhouse programs such as BC. The upcoming weekend's series agianst Wisconsin will be fun to watch but little more meaningful. Once the conference slate starts in earnest, this team will be fine.


Two SPECTACULAR articles today, one from Page 2's DJ Gallo (i dunno) and the other from Stewart Mandel, both calling out the French for what they are. Mandel's is particularly interesting in that it uses BC's as a comparison for the French accomplishments this season.

This all makes me REALLY upset that BC is not playing the French this season. Seeing not only the team itself exposed but also Matt Ryan shown to be the better quarterback than Brady Quinn would be simply sweet. Hopefully it will happen in a bowl game.


Buffalo and Wisconsin previews to come tomorrow.


At 10:25 AM, Blogger LAEagle said...

Nice rant. Weiss is an interesting case study (and on 60 minutes Sunday night). I respect that fact that he didn't fall into the normal coach bs about not caring about the polls, but the whining after squeaking by a weak UCLA team is really pretty bad.

Foxsports has us in the Orange Bowl against the Domers...and that was before Clemson lost.

At 6:59 PM, Blogger BOSTONSLUGGO said...

Dude, nice recap.....Sorry again about my delay with the ticket as I did end up going.

Tallahassee was agreat place to visit, and yes, the women were smoking hot....I already posted on Scout about the frat guy heckling me who then proceeded to piss his pants....Ah, the justice.

Keep writing; I like your blog


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