Sunday, October 15, 2006

Great Win

Not a whole lot I can say about that other than, great win. Definitely the best of the year and the coaching staff deserves credit for putting together their best gameplan of the season (see what happens when you get aggressive defensively, Spaz??). Now we need to keep the ball rolling by going down to Tallahassee and taking care of business against a talented but reeling and beatable Florida State team.

Word is that Matt Ryan sat out practice today but is expected to go on Saturday. The kid is tough as nails and will not have any problem at all in Tally. He suffered the injury late in the first half against the Hokies, yet played the rest of the game and even improved on the second half, turning in one of his better performances this year.

Sid Vicious is for real. While we will continue to miss Diamond Stud on kickoffs, it looks like BC finally has a reliable placekicker.

This is the most excited I've been for a BC football game in years--time for the Eagles to step up for once and take care of business with the chips on the line. A win over FSU puts us firmly in the driver's seat for the ACC Atlantic title. Let's get it done.


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