Saturday, October 07, 2006

Diamond Stud finally gets a straight the team

As you all know by now, Diamond Stud has been suspended indefinitely for an "undisclosed violation of team rules". Rumor has it that the violation involved a brawl Wednesday night outside The Kells. Two competing stories have surfaced regarding the incident:

-First, that Diamond Stud and two other BC players were minding their own business at the bar when a drunk BC student mouthed off to Ohliger. Ohliger punched the kid, the kid's friends stepped in, and the other two BC players stepped in to defend Ohliger.

-Second, that Ohliger and the other players went to the bar looking for a kid who had created one of the numerous anti-Ohliger Facebook groups that have sprung up over the last few weeks, and kicked his ass.

Personally, I am more inclined to believe the former. For one thing, it would explain why Ohliger received disciplinary action while the other two BC players did not. For another, it would explain why Ohliger was merely suspended indefinitely rather than kicked off the team outright.

That said, there is plenty of blame to go around here. It is still entirely unclear what transpired in the fight itself, so I will leave that alone entirely and talk about the circumstances that set the stage for the fight. Ohliger should not have been at the bar in the first place; but more importantly, he should not have been in the position to receive the kind of heckling he did from his fellow students. Ultimately, had Tom O'Brien taken the responsibility to relieve Ohliger from his placekicking duties after the BYU game as he should have done, the kicker would not be seen by the student body as the scapegoat for the team's misfortunes. Because of TOB's stubbornness, the team's placekicking will improve purely by default (it remains to be seen whether walk-on Steve Aponovicius or true freshman Billy Flutie will take over kicking duties, but either one should at least be able to hit an extra point consistently) but we will lose valueable field position on every kickoff.


A quick recruiting rundown:

-4-star Pennsylvania DE Derrick Morgan recently completed his official visit to Miami and is yet to decide between BC and NC State for his final official, according to Rivals

-Maryland DE Jeremiah Martin has been offered by BC

-QB Stephen Garcia appears to be headed to South Carolina


Hockey season started tonight with the Maine Black Bears defeating Minnesota 3-1. BC's season starts on Tuesday at home against Northeastern. I'm a huge hockey guy and hate that I'm not able to give the team the attention it deserves right now, but that's a product both of all the drama surrounding the football team and of the fact that living in Philadelphia I will not be able to see most of the games this year (I will be at the game at Northeastern on 11/17, and will probably head up to Boston for the home-and-home against BU on 12/1-2; other than that, I am reliant on Internet radio and whatever video I can find). Nevertheless, there will be a full hockey preview up tomorrow.

(And, for those of you new to FHMAM, by "tomorrow" I mean "hopefully tomorrow, definitely not Sunday because it's Eagles-Cowboys and the return of TO The Fag to Philly, possibly morning/mid-aftenroon on Monday; but definitely sometime between now and 7 pm Tuesday.)



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