Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hockey Updates

A few stories that have come to light in the past few days:

-BC has landed highly sought-after recruit Devon MacAusland out of New Brunswick. MacAusland, a small but speedy and tenacious winger, will arrive in 2009 and seems to be cut in the mold of players like Nate Gerbe and the Gionta brothers; good to know we'll have more of those guys rolling in

-It is being reported that BC commit Barry Almeida will remain in the USHL another year and not report to BC until 2008. Probably good news, as this will give him additional time to improve his game as well as recover from a bad eye injury suffered last fall

-It appears that a deal has been reached to save the UMass-Lowell hockey program, at least for one more season. The River Hawks program, which was in danger of losing funding from the UMass board of trustees due to the exorbitant rental fees paid to the city for the use of Tsongas Arena, will be given a stay of execution as the parties involved try to hammer out a new, long-term deal. Good news for BC fans, as Lowell is a fairly easy road trip from Boston and a nice place to watch a game (albeit in the middle of freaking nowhere) in front of what is usually a pro-BC crowd

-BC's 2007-08 schedule has not yet been released, but as other schools publish theirs we can start to piece our upcoming season together. What we know so far:

10/12 - Michigan (tournament in Minneapolis)
10/13 - Minnesota/RPI (tournament in Minneapolis)
10/19 - North Dakota
10/21 - at Vermont
10/23 - Northeastern
11/10 - at UNH
11/16 - at UMass
11/17 - UMass
December - Christmas tournament in Minneapolis vs. St. Lawrence, Minnesota/RIT
1/5 - at Clarkson
1/11 - Vermont
1/12 - Vermont
1/18 - at Lowell
2/4 - BU (Beanpot)
2/8 - at UMass
2/11 - Harvard/Northeastern (Beanpot)
2/15 - Lowell
2/16 - at Lowell
2/22 - UNH
2/23 - at UNH
3/7 - Northeastern
3/8 - at Northeastern

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At 12:41 PM, Blogger Joe Grav said...

Based on other team schedules, is the season starting on the week of the 5th again?


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