Friday, April 20, 2007

Unrest at Yawkey Center??

The message boards have been lighting up today with rumors, first posted early this morning, that a member of the BC's athletic department, possibly connected to the football team, may have quit.

Yeah. That's all there is.

Someone tossed out the name of Barry Gallup as a hypothetical, not even a legitimate rumor, and within minutes news spread like wildfire of the imminent departure of our Director of Football Operations.

Settle down, people. I'll go on the record here as saying that I don't really think there's anything to this at all. In my opinion, if there was, we'd have heard at least a rumor (a legit rumor, not a hypothetical that people misinterpreted and ran with) of a name by now.

Stay tuned and I'll be updating on here as the situation develops, but I really don't think it's anything.

Disturbing Google Phrase of the Week: Some dude in the UK (what is it with these Brits??) somehow found FHMAM by searching the phrase "men who like a kick in the balls". I wish I was kidding.


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