Friday, May 18, 2007

Bring Back Margo!!

A sad day in Baton Rouge today as Mike V, LSU's live tiger mascot, has passed away. While offering my condolences to LSU fans, I'm going to use this as an opportunity to call on BC to bring back Margo, the live mascot owned by BC for 5 years in the 60s. Live mascots are undeniably cool; there's just something about having a actual animal in the stadium supporting the team, whether it's Mike, Texas' Bevo, or West Virginia's mountaineer. The Golden Eagle is not an endangered species, can be found in the wild in New England, and is trainable (the species is used for hunting in Kyrgyzstan, apparently). While BC's capability to suitably care for a live bird may have been in question in the 1960s, I highly doubt that it would be an issue today, given the vastly improved resources available to the school. I'm not saying we should get rid of Baldwin (although if I never see his inflatable "son" again it will be a day too early), but we should have a live eagle as well. Get on it, Gene D. is reporting today that the ACC Championship Game bidding process is currently down to 3 finalists; Jacksonville, Tampa, and Charlotte. Allow me to throw my voice in with the "anyplace but Jacksonville" crowd. I've never been there, but I've never heard anything good from anyone who has. Moreover, it's an SEC city, and a difficult one to fly into at that. My first choice for the game would be Charlotte, which is in the heart of ACC country and, as a US Airways hub, easy to fly into from anywhere in the country; but Tampa would be fine too. I spent about half a day in Tampa the weekend of the Florida State game last fall and had a pretty good time sitting on the deckside bar at an Applebee's, the place packed with my fellow Philadelphia Eagles fans, waiting for the Flyers-Lightning game to start. Either Tampa or Charlotte would be great. But please, no more Jacksonville.

105 days to kickoff....that's exactly 3.5 months. The season is almost upon us.

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