Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Glasper Speaks

Although graduating BC safety Ryan Glasper had already told the story of his senior season in an NFL Radio interview a week or so ago, it hadn't received much national attention. That has just changed. In an interview with Alan Grant (who apparently moonlights as a sports journalist when not evading T-Rexes and velociraptors) of ESPN's Page 2, Glasper relates the conversation he had with Tom O'Brien after last year's loss to NC State:

"How's your hip?" he asked.

"It's coming along," Glasper replied.

"You'd better hurry your ass up," O'Brien said. "Because you only have eight games left in your college career."

The coach could have forgotten. Once the season starts, coaches are busy and distracted and often lose sight of details that don't pertain to next week's game. Maybe the coach needed to be reminded of the details. So the player reminded him.

"I'm redshirting," Glasper said.

"No, you've been cleared by the doctor to play," O'Brien said. "You're choosing not to play."

Glasper was shocked into silence. But O'Brien continued.

"I hold the keys to what you do," the coach said. "We don't have to grant you a fifth year. Besides, I can't count on you."

Glasper seethes at the retelling of the story.

"I respect all people and I've always been a team player," Glasper says. "But when he said all that, I just wanted to punch that dude."

So to recap, BC Nation:

Breaking a promise to a snakebitten senior QB that he would be the starter when there is a clearly superior, younger QB and your senior is costing the other 84 guys on your team games right and left = Not OK

Breaking a promise to redshirt a senior who has sweated, bled, and gave his all for your team for the past 4 years so that he can heal up and be able to perform to the best of his ability in his final year of eligibility = OK

As furious as I am about O'Brien's treatment of a true BC Guy (the article also contains a lot of interesting information on Glasper's background that I hadn't been aware of), I'm equally happy that this fucking fraud is finally being exposed in the national media for what he is. There's now no doubt in my mind not only that he simply stopped trying to win in about 2004 or 2005, knowing that it wouldn't be long before he'd be out of town, but that he deliberately attempted to sabotage the team so that he would look better in comparison to his successor.

BC should send a copy of this article to every kid we are competing with the Wolfpack for, and I hope Butch Davis or Skip Holtz or Brian Kelly or whoever sends out copies to every kid NC State is after, even players that BC isn't in the mix for. There is no possible way that anyone could want to play for Tom O'Backstabber after reading that.

Thank God that douchebag is gone.

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At 10:02 AM, Blogger Wolfpack Water Polo said...

Wow, there is some serious venom in the NE for TOB. I knew there was some discontent, but never knew it ran so deep.

If the story is true, then I lost a lot of respect for TOB. I reserve judgement until I hear both sides of the story or have more facts from other sources to back up Glasper's comments.

One thing is for sure, there is a new rivalry in the making. I for one enjoy a good rivalry. Hopefully it will be for supremecy in the ACC not for a moral victory in a horrible season.

Good luck next year, except against us.

At 11:43 AM, Blogger Catlover said...

Not a big Glasper fan nor O'Brien but the kid is looking like a baby here. Team needed him they were contending for the title. 8 games is most of the season plus a Bowl. Kid should grauduate and move on, STFU. What does he want to hang around campus for another year for? Be a big boy and move on. The sour grapes thing only hurts you in the long run. What O'Brien did happens at every big time school 100 times over so now its happening at a non- bigtime school. So what!

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Ram Man said...

Can't say that I remember hearing that Glasper was on a medical redshirt at the beginning of the 2006 football season. Only that he was hurt and recovering. Is there any way to check the facts.
If Glasper's story is correct, OB seems to be a different guy than I thought he is.

At 2:40 PM, Blogger Matthew said...

that's pretty ridiculous, cat lover. He thinks that he got screwed out of a potential future in the NFL, and that is nothing to dismiss.

It's not that the team needed him to compete for the title, it's the fact that TOB couldn't come up with a decent game plan to save his life - although we were beating Miami at halftime, which he was very proud of.

Asking why he would want to hang around campus another year is ridiculous. wanting to be healthy and play your final year of eligibility does not make him a "little boy".

Graduate and move on? There is nothing wrong with an extra year of a BC education, and another year of football experience. Lots of people do it (Kiwi, Beekman....). why don't you call the three of them babies to their faces and see what happens?

I'm not sure what "big-time" school you are a fan of, but I doubt that a coach with the people skills and personal character of that moron could be a championship coach at a big time school.

Yes, I'm sure players make sacrifices all of the time and play injured when their team needs them... but they should not be forced into it because the coach is selfish, and treated like shit during the process.

At 2:40 PM, Blogger scotch n' soda said...

Can't say that I remember hearing that Glasper was on a medical redshirt at the beginning of the 2006 football season. Only that he was hurt and recovering. Is there any way to check the facts.
If Glasper's story is correct, OB seems to be a different guy than I thought he is.

At 7:54 AM, Blogger Catlover said...

Its an issue if the kid was ready to play or not. If he was maybe OBrien was questioning why the kid wasnt stepping up. I mean Glasper was an average player but with a big ego. No one here knows the behind the scenes discussions. With Glaspers very public rant I think "he doth protest too much". You cant compare the Beekmans. etc 5 year players, they redshirted their first year that was their plan from the beginning. Costing Glasper an NFL career ? Say what? This kid couldnt have that in his dreams, he was the 3rd best back on a team that has prodiued 2 NFL dbacks in the last 30 years. Please. Ang BTW I am not a fan of a "big time" program I am a BC fan just an objective one.

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Alex F. said...

The problem isn't that Glasper played. The problem is that TOB promised him a redshirt year, and then reneged on it. The problem is also that TOB did so not for the good of the university but for his own good in hoping to find another job elsewhere, and also that he possibly pressured the BC doctor to declare Glasper good to go when the (outside) surgeon who had performed the operation had said he should sit out a year, and was not contacted to offer an opinion.

Catlover, your comments on Glasper's character are simply ridiculous. I've never met him, but all accounts are that he is a great kid. You don't get elected defensive captain at Boston College by being an "average player with a big ego".

At 12:52 PM, Blogger Alex F. said...

And the comment about Glasper being the third best player in BC's secondary is misleading--Tribble is arguably the best DB in BC's history.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Rafael said...

Alex, great blog. Been reading it for months.

Mad props for the obscure Jurassic Park reference.


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