Monday, April 16, 2007

Fuck you, TOB

From the Raleigh News & Observer:

"At BC, nine or 10 wins a year was about as good as you could do," O'Brien said. "The sky is the limit here. We're not here to win nine or 10 a year. We're here to win more."
No, asshole, 9-10 wins a year was the best YOU could do at BC, because you pissed away numerous chances each year to win more through your horrible personnel decisions and even worse playcalling. The only reason you won as much as you did was because of the incredible character and "all-for-one-ism" of the kids on your team. You won't have that advantage in Raleigh. You'll be lucky to win 8 a year.

Sept. 8, 2007 cannot come soon enough. I hope Jags and Logan have about 1000 printouts of this article hanging all over the locker room in the Yawkey Center by first thing tomorrow morning. And then I hope they hang about 80 points on that jackass. No need to worry about the defense, as Deep Sea Dana will be lucky to hang double digits on Spaz's crew.

I've been saying ever since we were sent to Charlotte last December that BC is not going to be given any quarter by the ACC, so we need to take it for ourselves--come out, kick people in the face and stomp on their junk. Figuratively, of course. Any chance we get to run up the score on an ACC foe, we should do it. And that goes double for the Wolfpack. Fuck Tom O'Brien, fuck the culture of mediocrity he instilled at BC for all those years, fuck the Kool Aid we drank for all those years believing he was a good coach. The JAGS era has begun--and come autumn, BC will be storming through the south in a manner that would make General Sherman proud.



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