Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring Practice Update

Great video here from NECN and the Globe on the start of spring practice. I can't freaking wait for this season.

Interesting tidbit--if you pause the video at the 1:25 mark, you can see what appears to be 80% of our first-team offensive line, at least as of right now. Looks like Gosder Cherilus at LT (a move I was calling for prior to last season), Kevin Sheridan at C (no surprise), Tom Anevski at RG, and Carlos Huggins at RT. I'm a little disappointed that Pat Sheil (unless that's him at LG) and Richard Lapham haven't been able to break into the first team yet, but they're young and they've got plenty of time.

Matt Ryan looks pretty good on his feet, too.

Disturbing Google Phrase of the Week:
As I've talked about before, I use a tool called SiteMeter to track traffic to the blog. Among other things, it tells me what phrases people type into Google to stumble across my site. Usually they're related to BC sports, but for some unknown reason I do also get a lot of traffic from foreigners looking for schoolgirl pictures. I'm not sure why (probably has something to do with my posts like this one and this one). Still, nothing prepared me for the latest disturbing Google phrase - some dude in Ipswich, England searching for "Gerbe for men". Apparently I'm the #1 hit. I can only hope that it's some kind of designer cologne.



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