Thursday, August 31, 2006


Un-fucking believable.

Good - Ryan, OL in pass protection, Gonzalez, Purvis, Giles, Toal, Silva, Morris
Bad - Whitworth, OL in run blocking, Thompson, every D lineman other than Giles
Fucking horrible - The coaching staff

Seriously, when are these assholes going to get their pink slip?? They did everything they could do to piss this game away. 7-point win over Central fucking Michigan?? Fucking disgrace. When the hell are we going to "excel" other than fucking beat shitty teams by a touchdown??

Expanded, and sober, thoughts to come tomorrow.

Incidentally, is it just me or does Matt Ryan have more of his passes dropped than any QB I've ever seen before, and it's not even close?? I've noticed this ever since the Temple and Syracuse games his redshirt freshman the past, I always figured it was because he threw the ball a lot harder than Peterson and Porter and the receivers weren't used to it, and while I never thought this was an excuse in the past it REALLY isn't an excuse now when he's been the #1 guy for the last 9 months. Still, it's an issue. What's up here??


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