Thursday, August 10, 2006

Matt Simms--Some good news, some bad news

Bad news first--Rivals and Scout are both reporting that Simms will be taking an official visit to Louisville this weekend, and reportedly does not have one scheduled to BC. Scout is rumoring that a verbal could come this weekend, but fortunately that seems like no more than speculation at this point.

Good news--Louisville is the rumored destination of departed Nebraska QB Harrison Beck, who alledgedly posted a message on his Facebook account implying that he will be joining Bobby Petrino's team.

The rumor (from Rivals, so it may or may not be true) has it that Matt slightly prefers Louisville while his dad prefers BC. Normally you'd have to give the strong edge to Louisville in that situation, but when your dad is Phil Simms you might listen to him a little more than most 17-year-olds listen to their fathers, at least when it comes to football matters!! The good news is that Beck is also rumored to be making a decision this weekend, so it seems unlikely that the Cardinals will land both highly-touted signal callers. Hopefully the elder Simms and Don Bosco Prep coach Greg Toal Sr. (father of BC linebacker Brian and former fullback Greg Jr.) will nudge Matt in the right direction.

Simms, Matt

If Simms does not end up at the Heights, BC could be in a dire situation as far as QBs. Ross Applegate is a decent player but likely not a future long-term starter, and according to reports has not impressed in pre-season camp. Stephen Garcia is an excellent prospect and still technically a possibility, as he has an official visit to BC scheduled, but likely little more than a pipe dream at this point. Brett Kan is probably not worth even taking a flier on, as he doesn't seem to be the prospect even that Applegate was. If Simms (or Garcia) doesn't land at BC, look for the Eagles to look at the JuCo route.


At 6:47 PM, Anonymous 'Mo said...

Yeah...and how much were people following the Matt Ryan sweepstakes back in 2001 and 2002?

How much were people following the Quinton Porter sweepstakes back in 1999 and 2000?

What about Chris Crane for a season after Ryan leaves? Or would that be too short a time-period (as in, one season)?

At 1:57 AM, Blogger Alex F. said...

Odds are that Crane will be the starter in '08 anyway, especially with TOB's seniority fetish, it'll be tough for Simms or someone else to come in and beat him out right away in just his second year in the program and with no game experience (presumably he'd redshirt in '07).

Ryan was a 3-star recruit in '03, Rivals had him as the 12th-best prospect in PA and the 25th pocket passer QB in the nation, and he had offers from Georgia Tech, Iowa, and Purdue. Pretty similar to Simms right now, although some people feel that Simms gets hurt being in the shadow of his father and brother, and there's also a lot of talk that he'll be bumped up to 4 stars by the end of the HS season.


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