Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's official - Simms to Louisville

Nice fucking job, TOB. We put all our eggs in one basket QB wise and the basket just fucking dropped. Good fucking job.

Even though this has been apparent for a couple of days I'm still too pissed for words about this. Enough of this, I'm off to go get drunk. More commentary to come.


At 6:42 PM, Anonymous Spanctravision said...


Shoot me right fucking now.

At 5:01 AM, Blogger Linda said...

Major word to your blog in general, but especially chronicling the latest lack of recruiting prowess displayed by O'Brien and the football staff. For every star recruit (e.g. Toal) or late bloomer/overlooked recruit that turns into a star (e.g. Kiwanuka) it seems we get these type of recruiting classes: 7th in the ACC and 37th in 1A obv. isn't going to cut it to gain respect/10 wins/BCS bowl games/money/press/etc. (neither is scheduling games against 1AA schools and/or schools that used to be good but, you know, definitely aren't anymore, but that's another post).

But then, I wonder whether a better recruiting class would really matter, cause in the end Dana Bible is still our offensive coordinator (and Tom O'Brien is still the coach, etc.) and every time I hear his name is just a constant reminder of a miserable 3-13 98 Eagles season and the neverending horror/incredulity that he can't run a college team either (again, it's not like our schedule is loaded with super tough opponents (non-conference especially, but even in the conference) and I can't even get started on the 04 season without getting angry/frustrated).

Yeah, anyway, obviously I have issues with BC Athletics that need to be aired as well. But keep up the good work.

At 10:46 PM, Blogger JBNC said...

We don't need Simms- Applegate was rated higher in some services than Simms is, among qbs.

I like the Will Thompson commit earlier today- I'd rather have him than Simms, all things considered.

I'd say to Simms, "Have fun playing those powerhouses teams, South Florida, Rutgers, Ugotconned, etc."

We'll take FSU, Miami, V Tech anyday.

Also, BC is just a classier school and football program and we don't need to genuflect to Simms.


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