Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tide, Wolverines on the Horizon??

Roll Bama Roll posted today arguing for a BC-Alabama series to be played, with the cancellation of the Tide's 2008 home game against UTEP. Let me be the first to say that I would love this. Alabama is one of the most respected programs in college football, and despite a few down years you know that Nick Saban will have them back in business before too long. Not sure if it'll happen, but any chance to play an SEC team is one we as a program should take (excluding Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia, who I see little need to play as we already play conference foes in their states). You could even put our home game at Gillette Stadium and use it as an opportunity to reminisce to BC's 1983 ice storm victory over 'Bama in Foxboro. Get it done, Gene D.

Another opportunity presents itself with the announcement that Notre Dame will continue dumbing down its schedule and drop not just BC, but also arch-rivals Michigan. If the Domers are too scared to play either one of us, then how about the Eagles and Wolverines get together for a home-and-home in 2012 and 2013?? This would also fit in nicely with the potential series with USC to take place around the same time (playing both teams in the same year in addition to the ACC slate and a possibly-revitalized-by-Big-Ten-membership Syracuse team would be pretty hairy, but we can handle it). You could even revive the old BC-ND tradition of playing a hockey game the night before the main attraction.

Speaking of which, has anyone heard any new updates on the USC situation?? Post in comments if so.



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