Friday, February 02, 2007


First off, congrats to ATLEagle on winning the ACC Blogger of the Year Award. Although some people (aka my jackass friends) have compared my blog to his, there really is no comparison; he runs a house of legitimate journalism peppered with opinion and excellent football and basketball insight, whereas I know next to nothing strategically about the game of basketball and try to offer a more emotional commentary on things, along with some analysis of the two revenue sports I actually know, the one played on turf and the one played on ice (particularly hockey, because no-one else really goes into BC hockey on a game-by-game basis). This blog would not exist without Bill's example and it was a great honor to me when some dude awhile back (can't remember who exactly, I think it was an NC State blog talking about the coaching change but I can't find the reference anywhere) called his blog and mine "the two pre-eminent BC blogs". Kudos and well deserved, my friend.

Second off, great win over Hartford on Wednesday. Especially the 12-point performance from Tyler Roche. News flash, we can't go the rest of the season on 7 guys. It boils down to, we need to either trust Roche and Daye Kaba in ACC play or we need to watch helplessly as our guys burn out and can't handle the rigors of February and March. Roche has proven he can contribute, and Kaba has the skills to contribute. Give them a shot, Al.

Third off, well, you'll have to wait for that. UMass preview tomorrow and Beanpot preview in the next few days.


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