Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kiwi signs with Giants

Kiwi has signed a 5-year deal worth about $7 million with the New York Giants, making him among the first 1st-round picks to sign with their NFL team.

Incidentally, as a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, what's up with all these BC guys going to teams that I fucking hate?? If it's not Kiwi and Chris Snee getting drafted by the Giants it's Sean Ryan getting drafted by the Cowboys or Dave Kashetta and Derrick Knight signing UDFA contracts with the Redskins and Giants respectively or Will Blackmon going to Green Bay or Jeremy Trueblood, one of my favorite Eagles, signing with Tampa Bay. I can't stand any of those teams, although the hatred I hold in my heart for the Redskins, Giants, and most of all the Cowboys obviously far exceeds that I reserve for the Bucks and Packers. Nonetheless, I'm already starting the bandwagon in the City of Brotherly Love to draft Jamie Silva as an eventual replacement for Brian Dawkins in 2008. The last BC guy to show up for the Eagles was the illustrious Grant Adams, who signed an UDFA contract last year after I thought I'd finally seen the last of him at BC. Luckily for my sanity he was cut at the end of training camp, nonetheless I fully expect Quinton Porter to be the Birds' starting QB by the end of this season following crippling injuries to McNabb, Garcia, and Timmy Chang.

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At 2:45 AM, Anonymous Will said...

Whatever happened to Mike Mamula anyway?

At 8:28 PM, Blogger Alex F. said...

His Philadelphia Eagles jersey is proudly framed and displayed at Eagle Deli in Cleveland Circle. Apart from that, I have no freaking clue.


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