Thursday, July 27, 2006

Boo Hoo, BU

Yeah, it's July. Yeah, it's just about time for football season.

Nonetheless, no true fan of BC athletics will ever tire of this picture:

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One of my top 5 sporting moments of all time, and something I will never ever forget. Even though that day will likely wind up taking about 30 years off of my life--by paving the way for a road trip to Milwaukee that consisted of 5 days of eating nothing but fast food, getting blackout drunk off of Jack Daniels and PBR almost every night, seeing Peter Harrold clank a would-be-tying shot off the post with 1.8 seconds left in the national championship game--it was well worth it.

BU's fans came to Worcester full of confidence that night, thinking they were going to blow us off the ice as they had in 4 of the 5 prior meetings that year. They left with their tails between their tight leather-clad legs, cranking up rave music in their BMWs (or flogging their camels to produce extra-loud braying) as they exited the arena in a futile attempt to drown out the "Let's go Eagles" chants, honking horns, and Dropkick Murphys renditions of "For Boston" from the small but overjoyed number of Eagles faithful and their cars.

As BC grows into its ACC status and hopefully emerges as an annual national title contender in both football and basketball, it is still important not to forget our roots as a northeast hockey school. Now and always, it Sucks to BU.

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At 2:11 PM, Anonymous BUConvict from board said...

Win a beanpot or two then talk smack. Until then, BC is behind BU in hockey and you know it.

That picture is funny though. Anyone who cries over a college hockey game sucks. And yes, the BMW point is right on, but don't kid yourself, BC kids have just as much money as BU kids.

At 4:04 PM, Blogger Alex F. said...

My favorite chant that night from the BC section, with about 4-5 minutes left, was "Keep the Beanpot"!! In all honesty I don't get the segment of BC fans who pretend to not even care about the Beanpot and beating BU, it's a great tournament and you guys are our #1 rivals at least in hockey and I hate BU hockey just as much as I hate Notre Dame football. But that said the NCAA's and HEA tournament are more important.

As to the point with money, that's definitely true, I was going for the "Eurotrash" joke rather than the "rich kid" joke.

At 8:48 PM, Anonymous Angry Jack Parker said...

buconvict... BU has won nothing of consequence in the past 8 years to talk smack. 1 HE title, 0 Frozen Fours = WEAK!!!!!!! Bottom line is the one year BU won something of importance (let's not kid ourselves about how people inside of 495 care about the Beanpot, because no one really does) with the HE title this year they got pimp-slapped so hard in Worcester by BC they had nothing to say while BC was once again getting all of the glamorous press and playing on the national stage for a national title.

It amazes me how much BU people love the Beanpot. The Beanpot is nice, like winning the GLI, or the Maverick Stampede. Nothing more, nothing less.

We'll see what happens with Pat Kane but BU is getting owned by Jerry and company at BC on the recruiting trails and we're hitting a stretch when every kid that comes down the pipeline watched BC dominate when they were kids during the Gionta years. Luckily for you Maine and UNH are on the way down the drain and that will be good enough for BU (along with the Beanpot, of course!) to feel good about themselves until March rolls around, where they'll promptly get their asses handed to them like they always do in the NCAAs since they lost Chris Drury.

At 12:46 AM, Anonymous convict said...

See here's the thing... only BC people claim that the Beanpot doesn't matter. I guess I can sympathize, I would stop caring too if I never ever won a given tournament. If nobody cares, then why is it sold out every year? Don't kid yourslef. As for the larger prize, facts are facts and I can't argue them, but I can tell you that the recruiting seems pretty even to me, especially when you look at the BU freshman line of Lawrence, Higgins, and Yip. That and we had more recruits drafted than you.

Bottom line, the Worcester game was bad, nobody denies that. BU played their worst game of the entire year and BC came to play and let them have it. However, trying to cop out by claiming that you don't care about the beanpot is foolish and transparent and I wish you could be more honest with yourslef and the readers of your blog.

Whatever, go BC hoops and skin!

At 11:48 AM, Blogger LAEagle said...

OK - I admit it. I care about the Beanpot. When I was at BC, those games at the Garden rocked. But that was before Hockey East and the NCAA tourney was still pretty small time. Not so much anymore. I'd like to see us pick one up at some point but given the choice between the Beanpot, Hockey East title, Frozen Four or NCAA Champ - the order is pretty obvious.

At 12:51 AM, Anonymous 'Mo said...

I graduated from BC in 2006. I care about the Beanpot, and I was thrilled when the Eagles defeated BU in 2005 to win the Beanpot.

But seriously, it's an exhibition tournament. It goes towards "city bragging rights," which seems pretty silly, considering BC and BU play each other in three regular-season HE conf. games. And then in 2006, BC played BU again in the HE and NCAA Tourneys.

It's beyond a question of doubt that winning your conference tournament and the NCAAs against BU or any other opponent is a MUCH bigger deal - just ask Jerry York or Jack Parker. I was devasted when BC got owned by BU in 2005 in the HE first round at BC! I would have traded that Beanpot for the chance to move on in the HE Tourney.

BU needs to look beyond the two-day exhibition tournament and win some games that count in the standings and in bringing them some real trophies.

At 10:08 AM, Anonymous NY Eagle said...

BC people do care a lot about the Beanpot. Its not our faultwe cant win it more, Jack Parker sold his soul to win that tournament every year.. However, it is not the most important event of the year by far. HE & the NCAA are much much more important. I would almost guarentee any BU fan would have traded last years Beanpot, HE regular season, AND the HE Tourney title if it would have meant beating us that game and going to the Frozen Four. And for anyone that truley thinks BC is behind BU in hockey - we have 6 Frozen Fours in the last 9 years and 4 appearances in the National Title game...


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